South Airlines flight just a chemotherapy elderly fainted Uighur doctors emergency rescue ravbin

China Southern Airlines flight a just short of the elderly Uygur chemotherapy an emergency doctor (correspondent: Li Yanpo, Feng Yu) in September 23rd, an old man in southern Urumqi on the CZ6661 flight shortly after takeoff lost consciousness to fly from Zhengzhou, met on the plane is a Uighur female doctor on time for the elderly to take emergency measures, effectively the stability of the elderly illness, and caring with the crew with full escort on the old side, calm, until the peace arrived at Urumqi airport. The 11:55 the same day, the plane took off from Zhengzhou airport about 45 minutes after the crew was busy making preparations for distributing meals, sitting in the 35 row B seat passenger Mr. Sun and his colleagues father suddenly proposed physical discomfort to the crew to a cup of warm boiling water treatment. When the water in the cabin to chengwuchang Ding Yuting, suddenly came two times from the same location 35B call ringing shortness. "To provide hot water, warm boiling water, brew tea is always a regular service our cabin for passengers, when the passenger asked when a cup of warm boiling water treatment, I went back and thought that since it is taking the temperature will not be too high, water is not ready to end, and listen to the call bell rang, looked up a look at 35B, I knew I was wrong." Ding Yuting recalls. When she hurried back to the 35 row again to check the situation, sitting in the 35 row A position of Mr. Sun’s old father has remain unconscious. The first time through the cabin crew broadcast to find a doctor, this time from Xinjiang Yining Uygur female doctor Asya – Yu Su Fu just take the same flight back to Xinjiang, and the crew in length temporarily after the exchange, the doctor quickly to Asya coma Mr. Sun launched emergency work, by pressing the acupuncture point, oxygen, Mr Sun was short after fainting gradually regained consciousness. The crew is coordinated, just wake up old man exchanged spacious seat, providing warm syrup and oxygen and other services for the elderly, actively cooperate with the crew, the doctor for the elderly for Asya measurement of heart rate and blood pressure and other basic vital signs, 12:30 confirmed that the old people in the life index being stable. The crew also fully solicit the patient old Mr. Sun and his fellow son’s advice, the unit decided not temporary alternate, but continue to fly to the destination in Urumqi. Although, this time the patient health status has been basically stable, but the doctor did not Asya back seat to rest, but in the two hours before landing time, always in the old man with the crew, continuous observation of the physical condition of the elderly, Wen Rounai was chatting with him, to ease the pressure, emotional stability. The doctor is not very fluent in Chinese Asya, but she is full of up to more than three hours of professional and patient care and companionship has been to patients and their families bring great courage and confidence, until it landed safely in Urumqi airport. The crew is in the chat that old Mr. Sun had chemotherapy, day 7 morning about taking painkillers and antiemetic drugs, but not before boarding to the airline staff that their condition. Thank you doctor. Thank you for the crew! See the guard at the side of his father’s Asya doctor, I really think that this is the angel." After the plane landed, sun laoxian.

南航航班上一刚做化疗老人昏厥 维族医生紧急抢救(通讯员:李艳坡、冯宇)9月23日,从郑州飞往乌鲁木齐的南航CZ6661次航班上一位老人在起飞后不久就失去意识,幸遇的是飞机上一位维吾尔族女医生及时为老人采取急救措施,有效地稳定了老人病情,并极富爱心地与乘务人员一起全程陪护在老人身边、安抚情绪,直到平安抵达乌鲁木齐机场。当天11:55分,飞机从郑州机场起飞后约45分钟,乘务组正忙着做分发餐食的准备工作,坐在35排B座的旅客孙先生突然提出与自己同行的父亲身体不适,向乘务员要一杯温开水服药。就在乘务长丁钰汀去后舱取水的时候,突然又传来了两次同样来自于35B位置急促的呼唤铃声。“为旅客提供热水、温开水、冲泡茶饮等一直是我们客舱的常规服务,当旅客提出要一杯温开水服药的时候,我走去后舱取水,心里想着既然是服药那么水温就不要太高,水还没有准备完,又听到呼叫铃响,抬头一看是35B,我就知道是出事了。”丁钰汀回忆说。当她再次匆忙赶回35排去查看情况的时候,坐在35排A位置的孙先生的老父亲已经昏迷不醒。乘务组第一时间通过客舱广播寻找医生,此时来自新疆伊宁的维吾尔族女医生阿斯亚•玉苏甫正好搭乘同一班飞机返疆,在与乘务长短暂交流后,阿斯亚医生迅速对昏迷的孙先生展开急救工作,通过按压穴位、吸氧,孙老先生经短暂的昏厥后逐渐恢复了意识。乘务人员经协调,为刚刚苏醒的老人调换了宽敞的座位,为老人提供温糖水和吸氧等服务,在乘务人员的积极配合下,阿斯亚医生为老人进行心率、血压等基本生命体征的测量,在12:30分确定老人各项生命指标暂时平稳。乘务组又充分征求了病人孙老先生和他同行的儿子的意见后,机组最终决定不临时备降,而是继续飞往目的地乌鲁木齐。虽然,此时病人健康状况已基本平稳,但阿斯亚医生并没有回到座位上休息,而是在飞机降落前的两个多小时的时间里,一直与乘务人员一起守护在老人身边,持续观察老人的身体状况,温柔耐心地陪他聊天,缓解压力、稳定情绪。阿斯亚医生的汉语并不十分流利,但是她全程长达三个多小时专业和耐心的救治和陪伴却一直给患者及其家人带来极大的勇气和信心,直至平安降落乌鲁木齐机场。乘务组也在聊天中得知,孙老先生刚做过化疗,当天早上7点左右服用止痛药和止吐药,但登机前未向航空公司工作人员说明自己的病情。“感谢医生,感谢乘务组!看到守护在父亲身边的阿斯亚医生,我真心觉得,这就是天使。”飞机降落后,孙老先生的儿子激动地说。原来,阿斯亚医生此去郑州是为了送刚刚考上医科大学的女儿读书,面对病人家属的感谢,阿斯亚医生却有些谦虚起来:“救死扶伤是医生的天职,医者父母心,我希望正在学医路上的女儿也可以继承这种精神。”南航提醒:按照《中国民用航空旅客、行李国内运输规则》的规定,病残旅客、孕妇等特殊旅客,只有在符合承运人规定的条件下经承运人预先同意并在必要时做出安排后方予载运。因此此类旅客在乘机前最好提前咨询医生,看身体状况是否适合乘机。另外,如果身体存在比较严重的疾病,或曾经有过较严重疾病的病史,乘机前最好能主动出示有效的医疗证明,以便安排专门的人员进行特别照顾。相关的主题文章: