SONY 65 inches z9d evaluation LCD picture quality can also be better (video) winavi video converter

SONY 65 inches Z9D evaluation: LCD quality can also be better to make the original article: SONY’s new flagship TV technology in the end what is the quality? Tencent Telecom (Yan Can) today, the color TV industry is highly competitive, the influx of Internet vendors, so that the lake was slightly calm and full of ripples. At the same time with the passage of time and the popularity of the TV box, the difference in the content of the resources and the level of intelligent interaction is getting smaller and smaller, the competition is gradually returning to the TV quality and appearance above. HDR, quantum dots, OLED, technology changes with each passing day, large screen, curved surface, integration, industrial design innovation. But if there is a flagship TV without the full sense of science and technology OLED technology, surface design have no choice of great impact, is still the continuation of its flat-panel TV has always been low-key and simple style, you may feel that it can not be called flagship, and even has been behind the times. However, the same is a series of products, has been the consumer to black technology flaunt, and often people shouting and recharge the faith. Yes, you may have guessed, we want to say is SONY Dafa latest 4K HDR flagship TV series Z9D, which is equipped with a new SONY chip and image processing technology, which is the king of the TV picture quality. So this is the more than 30 thousand of the TV product quality is good? Next Tencent home appliances and we will experience together. SONY Z9D has a low profile steady design has 65 inches, 75 inches, 100 inches, three specifications, and we get the price of $65 is a version of the 65Z9D. As you can see, 65Z9D in the overall design is still a continuation of the SONY product has always been a deep tone, a large area of black, with a narrow frame of the visual effect, it is very stable and generous. The screen below the classic SONY breathing lights embellishment, but also added a bit of sense of technology. The side of bilateral metal edge, although the thickness is not much advantage, but does not affect its delicate feeling, and the workmanship is still very good. The base, SONY Z9D does not use a herringbone bracket popular, or is a simple flat base; but after the design consists of two pieces of mosaic, forming an arched structure. According to reports, in addition to a more sense of design, but also play a role in the reflection of the sound field. The back part, but also insist on the concept of integrated minimalist design, the wires are hidden, basically in the removable backplane, and hidden in the bracket part. In general, minimalist design style, integration has become a popular trend now, but SONY, which has been also is such a low-key calm, but never lack of cutting-edge technology. Android system to expand the space in the system selection, SONY 65Z9D using Android TV, after the adaptation of the home page is very simple and refreshing. At the same time, compared with Tizen and webOS system, Android TV has better compatibility and richer application. Two menu, such as system settings!相关的主题文章: