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Advertising More and more businesses today use bulk personalised USB drives to boost the effectiveness of their marketing campaign and fortunately, theres a lot to choose from at c2bpromo… Today, USB drives are one of the most used items because of its capability of storing files, videos, music, photos and apps. This is also one of the reasons why USB drives are great for promotional giveaways. Here are some of the best promotional USB drives that will surely be a big help in getting positive impression from clients or customers. 1. Custom Translucent USB Flash Drive – The unique design of this USB drive is subtly eye catching. The colored translucent body stands out to nearby people without being too flashy. This makes the USB a great promotional product for .panies and events. Every aspect of this USB drive, from its customizable design to its functionality makes it the perfect marketing product. You can customize almost everything about the USB within the frameworks of its original design. The plastic casing .es in a variety of different colours that you can choose from. Currently, the USB is available in black, blue and red. We re.mend that you choose a colour that thematically fits your organizations brand to enhance the promotional effects of the product. The metal surface in the middle is where you can imprint your .pany logo or message. 2. Wristband USB Drive – Our 1 GB Wearable USB product blends the stylish world of fashion with the functional world of modern electronic technology. A wristband-style design allows the product to have a variety of exclusive benefits which will appeal to your clientele. The first benefit is that the device can be stored right on a persons wrist. With the Wearable USB drive, a client doesnt need to have a bag for storing their USB, they dont need to be un.fortable by having a USB in their pocket, and they dont need to wear their USB on a lanyard around their neck; this product fits .fortably around the wrist, where your brand can be seen by any onlooker. This leads to a second benefit, which is that this USB device is aesthetically on-trend. Wristbands have be.e some of the most prominent and popular personal accessories for both girls and boys alike. 3. Metal Key Chain USB Flash Drive – Tired of the conventional looks of plastic USB drives that are everywhere these days? Looking to convert to a classier and more timeless design? Well, we have that product for you. This is the Metal Keychain USB Drive that will never lose its exquisite appeal. Its available in various storage capacities which allows you to choose the storage capacity that you believe is best catered towards your specialized market. More specifically about storage capacities, this version can hold around 500 or more photos or soundtracks. This makes it the optimal product for casual .puter users as they will be perfectly satisfied with the space that this product allots. Moreover, the sleek metal look of this premium USB will only attract customers to your business time after time. 4. Metal Key USB Flash Drive – The Metal Key USB Flash Drive that is shaped like a key and it also sports a similar silver metal material as seen on keys. Moreover, it uses gold finger technology which allows for the key-like thin side profile. This technology has been slowly gaining popularity over the years and investing in it would make for a strategic promotional campaign. Another benefit of the key design is that the drive can be hanged to lanyards, keyrings and more. Others will not even that one of your keys is actually an USB drive in disguise, and once they do, your .pany is sure to leave a profound impression in their minds. 5. Metal Custom USB Pen Drive – This Metal Custom USB Pen Drive is perfect for any business professional. With triple functions of the pen, laser pointer and the USB flash drive, this is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Made of metal with a silver glossy finish, this memory pen demonstrates style and luxury. There is also more than enough imprinting space to place your .panys logo. You can preload data about your .pany so that when you give these promotional USBs away at trade shows, events, or even as corporate giveaways, those who use the USBs will reminded about your .pany. Since is factory direct; you will receive huge savings. The customization process is straightforward and simple thanks to our voted number one design tool by customers. You can either upload your own logo or choose from our large selection of clip art designs. This not all because there are a lot more various selections of bulk personalised USB drives to choose from. Go ahead and visit c2bpromo.. now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: