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Interior-Decorating Fabric means several types of cloth materials. According to their texture and function and quality names have been given to them. Most .mon fabrics are silk fabric, chiffon fabric, cotton fabric, Crepe, Georgette fabric and stretch fabric. Fabrics bear the regional culture and fashion with them. Cotton and silk fabrics are made by man but all other fabrics stated above are made by machine. If silk is taken among these fabrics then it has to be said that silk fabric was first discovered in china and it bears the culture of east. You can see the usage of silk fabric in home furnishing like in upholster fabric and in also cloth materials. Silk is one of the most desired fabrics available in every country. It has a natural shininess and softness which has made this fabric loveable and preferred in all occasion. But with its signature style statement it has also carried its high price tag which symbolize the richness and grandness of this thing. Silk fabric can be used in home dcor like furnishing your furniture, making your curtains more lustrous and also as a dress material. Any elegant looking dress be it wedding dress or party wear or any kind of fashionable dress silk fabric is preferred and desired by people first of all. The advantages of using silk are numerous. First of all it has been described and experienced also that silk remains undamaged but same diametric still filament gets damaged earlier than the silk. Another advantage is any kind of color or dye gets matched perfect with this fabric. For usage it is durable, fashionable and makes dress .fortable for every season like summer and winter. Color gets adhesive with this fabric therefore you do not have to do tension about washing. Now lets make a clear picture about the nature of silk fabric. It is protein fabric just like our hairs. This fabric is gotten from silk worms and they are cultivated in a large number in cultivation garden. These silk worms made cocoon by eating leaves of mulberry trees. Before hatching of silk worm into moth the cocoons are soaked in hot water to produce filaments. These filaments are then spun to form silk fibers which are processed to silk fabric. There are mainly four types of silk fabric. They are mulberry silk, muga silk from east, tasar silk and eri silk. Mulberry silk is the most popular and demanded silk among all these. This type of silk is gotten from cultivating silk worms which are fed mulberry leaves. These types of silk worms are called as Bombyx mori L. .mercial silks are produced from this mulberry silk. Another silk fabric is muga silk. It is produced largely in eastern countries like India. In India in Assam muga silk is cultivated and it has a sweet golden yellowish color. Antheraea assamensis silkworms feeding on the leaves of Sorn and Soalu plant make this silk fabric. Philosamia ricini silkworms produce eri or endi silk. Tasar or tussah silk is used mainly for making your home more beautiful and g.eous. It has a copper color and it has less glow than mulberry silk. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: