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Astrology They are independent and take care of their own life and destiny. They have a lot of passion in them to follow their dreams and figure out a way to live their life, according to their terms and conditions. They are curious human beings, always trying to find out the meaning behind things. They are always eager to find out the truth. They are consistent and do not give up easily. Even if they fail once, they continue to try again and again, until they succeed. They appear cold, calm and .posed from outside, however on the inside they can be quite emotional. They have a kind of hypnotic quality in them. They are good .pany to hang around with as they have good conversational skills and are dignified. Their sharp features and looks might make their .panions feel a little awkward and under surveillance. They are not the ones to hog the limelight and do not mind working at the backstage. They are well aware of their qualities and limitations and have a great deal of self discipline. They have a strong will power and consistent in their effort, however they have strong underlying emotions which they rarely expose. They are also very sensitive and tend to get hurt or angry very easily. In a fit of anger or rage they can be very harsh and end up hurting people very badly with their sharp words. Sometimes they are over critical of things that they do not like and frankly voice their opinions. They do not bottle up things within them and are quite outspoken. If they like someone or something then they invest a lot of energy in them. They do not hesitate to cruelly deal with people they dislike. Hence it is best not to be in their bad books. Scorpio horoscope and Scorpio astrology gives us an all round information about these individuals ranging from their personality, traits, characters, talents, likes, dislikes and a whole lot of other things. When it .es to love and relationships, Scorpios are mysterious. They have a good and attractive personality to make good friends and get into relationships; however their friends and partners will have to make a lot of effort to fit with them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: