Small holiday on the first day of the park in Beijing received 330 thousand passengers grew by 17%–

Small holiday on the first day of Beijing’s major park received 330 thousand passengers up by 17%- Beijing Beijing Morning News (chief reporter Cui Hong) as of 16 pm yesterday, the first day of a small holiday in the park received 330 thousand visitors, an increase of 17% last year. Considering the time delay closing Park cruise ship, park lighting open, full moon night visitors than usual number of reasons, the actual amount of visitors yesterday will exceed this figure. Among them, 65 thousand people in Tiantan, Beihai, a total of 51 thousand passengers, Taoranting Park, 40 thousand people, ranked the top three. Tiantan, Beihai, Xiangshan, Zhongshan Park increase in more than 30%; Park Bo Museum grew by 5; Beijing botanical garden last year doubled. The tourists all day long Park weight distribution is average, the garden environment is very comfortable. The park pose different flower beds, with night lighting, like a fairyland. Beijing botanical garden has adjusted the opening time of the spray landscape, during the festival, 10 to 15 when the spray landscape will continue to open. The real-time monitoring data show that at 10 in the morning, 11 parks in the garden for the number 75 thousand; 16, 100 thousand people in the garden of tourists, tourists "upside down" phenomenon. Thus, there are a lot of tourists to the park with his family to choose the moon. Yesterday, 16, the amount of tourists in Beihai reached 35 thousand, ranking first, this data is relatively rare; Tiantan, Xiangshan, Jingshan Hill, the number of visitors in the afternoon showed an increasing trend. The analysis thinks, forest, mountain, water from the moon month view month for the public favorite.相关的主题文章: