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Team-Building Running a small business is time consuming. As an owner and a leader, at times you probably feel like youre being pulled in many different directions, causing certain priorities to get lost in the shuffle. Communication with your team should never be one of them. Without a supportive team, you may have big ideas, but a slim chance of executing those ideas to their fullest. Building a cohesive, forward-thinking team in your small business requires commitment on your part, your managers, and the company as a whole. Team building activities can require considerable time and resources, but they are absolutely necessary if you want to achieve your business goals. Here are some small business team building tips: Whos On Your Team? Those kids on the playground who take what feels like a century to build the perfect basketball team may be on to something. Team members are best chosen carefully. A basketball team cant win with five point guards and no forwards. Each member needs to bring a unique set of skills to the table, while at the same time being able to communicate and work with their teammates. The overall vision of the company should be discussed and understood from the start if you hope to build a winning team. Whos On First? A clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each team member is critical when it comes to small business team building. But their professional duties arent the only factors to consider. As you get to know employees on a more personal level it will become obvious what qualities they possess and how these personality characteristics can best be used to benefit the company. Is one member a pacifier? Look to her to help resolve conflict. Is another person more of an encourager? Invite him to give praise to others often. A gatekeeper, a standard setter, a group observerwhatever the personality type, its important to build a team that not only encompasses the professional abilities you need to make your business thrive, but the personal ones as well. Whos In Charge? Anyone who has ever been micro-managed knows that this management style is not conducive to effective leadership and small business team building. In fact, micro-managing your employees can be demoralizing and negatively impact their productivity, performance, and satisfaction. The result of micro-management is often an exodus of the best employees to a competitor who truly knows how to lead people. As you assess your management style, ask yourself how much confidence you have in your employees to autonomously do their jobs. If you feel you need to constantly check-up on them because of a lack of faith in their abilities, it may be time to either take a closer look at your leadership style or review your hiring practicesor both. Who Cares? Well, you certainly do! Now, give your team a reason to care as much as you do. One of the key aspects of small business team building is rewarding both individual and team performance. Establish a rewards-for-performance program that suits the goals of your business and the aspirations of your employees. Make sure to communicate the purpose of the rewards program and stick to it. You may be surprised by the way it motivates employees. Remember that if your team sees and feels your dedication to the company, its mission, its goals, and even just a simple project, theyll feel a common bond and be more inspired to do the best work they can. Want more small business team building tips? Visit .ThinkBlueThinking.. or call 619.550.8052. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: