Shanxi Xinzhou coal in response to spending huge sums to build building dangerous

Shanxi Xinzhou coal in response to spending huge sums to build building: dangerous transformation of original title: Shanxi Xinzhou coal in response to "money building": dangerous transformation in new network Xinzhou on 9 October, (reporter Hu Jian) Shanxi province coal transportation and marketing group Xinzhou Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinzhou coal transport") 9 days of media reports "denounced money to build the building to make a response, said in response to the Department of building engineering dangerous transformation of Xinzhou coal company, included in the Shanxi provincial development and Reform Commission, Jinneng Group real estate building development project, the source of investment for self financing. The "Xinzhou coal comprehensive building that" said, the company’s original office was built in the last century the mid 80s, the design for the masonry structure, prestressed hollow slab, the buildings are dilapidated, does not meet the current national level 10 seismic code requirements, Shanxi Dingyan technology company engineering detection and identification of dangerous buildings. To this end, the company with Xin coal word (2013) No. 76 document "on the demolition of the office building, the liquidation of fixed assets from" submitted to the group and the Xinzhou Municipal People’s government, and was granted approval. March 2013, the Shanxi provincial development and Reform Commission approved the project, approved the construction. September 22, 2013, the company handled the contract license, in November 27th, in Xinzhou City Construction Engineering Trading Center completed the main construction and supervision of tenders, in December 10th, the project officially started construction. The building has 20 floors, according to the plan, the 10 layer for Xinzhou coal company office, 10 foreign leasing. At present, out of 6 layer, all leased after the annual increase of income of about 9 million yuan, to achieve diversification, improve the efficiency of the company’s assets. It is understood that the building before the three layer is the Bank of Jincheng, including Xinzhou, Luqiao, Taikang Life Insurance Company, Xinzhou city agency center and other units, after long-term renting office Shanxi coal logistics company, Shanxi Jixiang company, company and other units also in the tall building. Up to now, Xinzhou’s total assets of 21 billion 317 million yuan, the debt ratio of 84.71%. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: