Shanghai women’s Volleyball Coach play the unexpected did not expect to fight this situation-segotep

Shanghai women’s Volleyball Coach: don’t expect to play in this kind of situation of Shanghai women’s volleyball coach Wang Zhiteng and two foreign aid data for sina sports news opener debut, Shanghai East Portland health team 0 than 3 lost to Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, suffered defeat at home. After the game coach Wang Zhiteng said Shanghai team play disorders, lost in the mentality of fluctuations. "We didn’t expect to play the game, the players were a little nervous." Summary of the game, Wang Zhiteng admitted that we did not expect to play such a difficult battle. "He was a little nervous, all aspects of the Shanghai team has a lot of problems, the main problem is our own cause, want to play well, but very conservative, think of the first game at home court, foreign aid is in good condition, the idea is too much." In Wang Zhiteng view, the Shanghai team psychological problems. In fact, I did not expect to prepare for the meeting today will play this game, or psychological problems are not adjusted, the technology is not fully played." In the game, the Shanghai team in Jiangsu, almost no strength to fight back, Wang Zhiteng also said the main Yang Jie and Zhang Yichan a more obvious problem. "A play is not good, it will affect the whole, today we are a relatively poor quality, the rhythm is no font." Compared to Shanghai, Jiangsu team’s rhythm is very good, firmly grasp the initiative in the game. "We played today is very chaotic, the rhythm has been followed Jiangsu, Jiangsu as a training course, we all have a lot of ideas, but do not, do not be very anxious, so out of control on the field of emotion." (Li Xin)相关的主题文章: