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Shandong Zaozhuang caused 11 dead accident: brake marks up to 30 meters (Figure 13) late two Zaozhuang car crash killed 11 people @ Qilu network [Zaozhuang: 11 deaths caused by traffic accident scene brake marks up to 30 meters] of Yicheng District of Zaozhuang late in the 13 of a trailer and a motorized tricycle collision caused 11 people death. The section of the incident left a significant brake marks up to 30 meters, the road width of about 10 meters, from west to East downhill, no street lights. Witnesses said the semi trailer was along the downhill driving, driving lights intended to overtake, resulting in two cars collided head-on. Earlier reports: Yicheng District of Zaozhuang city traffic accident rescue scene. (Eyewitness provides) October 13th night at 18:47, 65 km +748 meters in the territory of Yicheng District S352 of Zaozhuang City, traffic accident, a semi-trailer collided with a tricycle, the accident caused 9 people were killed and another 2 people were sent to the hospital died. 14, zero 35, released in Zaozhuang City Yicheng informed the accident. After the accident, the traffic police department, Yicheng District police rushed to the scene for disposal. The first time the local government launched an emergency plan to carry out the work overnight. Currently, the driver has been controlled, the cause of the accident and the relevant circumstances are under investigation. The accident location according to Qilu point reports, according to friends broke the news, "Zaozhuang City asan asan town of Yicheng District village S352 highway crashes. A group of home building went to the bay at asan asan town and semi trailer big vehicle accident, causing the car 11 people died on the spot……" The accident video released by micro-blog users, the scene is very tragic, beyond the front of a large truck. In Yicheng District of Zaozhuang City People’s Hospital of the door, to claim the bodies of the deceased crying. 13 evening about 10:40, · Qilu Evening News reporter linked to one point; Qilu asan asan town in Yicheng District of Zaozhuang Bay Village liu. According to Mr. Liu, the accident occurred at 6:30 in the evening of 13, at his home near S352 on the highway. At that time, a hang Lu H (Jining) semi-trailer plate with a tensile load of the construction team workers agricultural tricycle collided head-on, resulting in a tricycle severely damaged, semi trailer front deformation. Later, I heard that there are 11 people on the tricycle, migrant workers are migrant workers in the nearby villages. I saw at the scene, 10 people were killed on the spot, and there are 1 people in the ambulance arrived at the scene found that there is breath, was sent to the hospital, and now do not know what the situation." Mr. Liu said, agricultural tricycle driver is their E Shan Zhen Yu Liu Jing village. Mr. Liu said, they are near the village of S352 on the highway often semi-trailer pulling stones after, not very safe, villagers usually go out very carefully. It is reported that the Zaozhuang municipal government responsible person rushed to the scene after the accident to organize rescue. Police, fire, emergency departments have launched rescue. At present, the Qilu Evening News reporter has one point · Qilu ambulance rushed to Zaozhuang City Yicheng District People’s Hospital site. At the scene of the hospital, Qilu Evening News ·.相关的主题文章: