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Quest Mudu collection mutton hall, what to eat lamb feast? Sohu – tourism Mudu town is not big, but he does have a place to Qianlong six. In addition, in a great place and a famous delicacy Mudu, a collection of mutton delicacy street, gathered more than and 50 mutton restaurant in Suzhou, almost no one I do not know, a street, large and small collection of mutton not dozens. Old Qing Tai is regarded as the largest collection of books, the oldest, but also the story of the most mutton museum. Look at this dish, in the end is what? Haggis soup boil very fresh blood. Several ways of mutton are very fresh, no smell of mutton, eat very satisfied. Sheep fried leek very well with rice dish, I said is the first time to eat. Various parts of lamb meat sheep made of fried braised braised mutton, mutton stew has very good heat, just good, tasty and no smell. Mutton Boiled dumplings, gently bite, juice out. Roast lamb exclusive Giori tender, sanxialiangxia we ate. Sheep, with special sauce, delicious. Mutton balls made of sheep are freshly killed, do mutton pill is authentic, lamb is really delicious, no smell. This store is Shantangjie Street’s oldest hotpot restaurant, the environment is very general, but the smell of mutton is very good. Mutton is a real lamb, milk white lamb soup looked at appetite. The mutton in the mutton is very bad, the feeling of the entrance. Such a table full of sheep feast, you know how much money? 799 yuan, how to price?相关的主题文章: