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Qian Long Ji Xiaolan and " "   iron triangle; reunion; friends: This is a sequel to what people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: 16 years of cooperation, the "iron triangle" reunited in August 29th, Guoli Zhang micro-blog heavy sun poly together with Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin, screenwriter Zou Jingzhi photos, and wrote: "the iron triangle, four horns, a pile of iron. Together with Wang Gang, iron, quiet, happy." This is Qian Long Ji Xiaolan and the "iron triangle" years later reunited again, a photo was published that caused widespread hot, some netizens commented: "full of memories", "Ji Xiaolan, not the kind of person you are, this is to be a sequel?" three, Guoli Zhang "the emperor Kangxi, Wang Gang is the" specialist "and specialist, Zhang Tielin is" emperor Qian Long, "specialist" from their hissharp to Ji Xiaolan "," May "," Huai flower emperor "and other civilian big costume drama, has been" iron "to today. Among them, the iron teeth copper teeth Ji Xiaolan third average rating of 13.4, becoming the year of the year in Beijing all the time all the types of program ratings champion. From the 2000 "iron teeth copper teeth Ji Xiaolan 1" to now, has been in the past 16 years. (reporter Yang Wenjie) (commissioning editor Chen Yuan and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: