Puyang public car installments to repay the balance car still secured segotep

Puyang public car installments to repay the balance car still secured – reporter Gu Wumin Zhao Zhenheng correspondent Wang Lu Puyang newspaper car installments, to a certain extent can reduce a lot of economic burden, so it is welcomed by consumers. Recently, the people of Puyang, Mr. White in the form of payment, through an information service platform to buy a car. In the full payment after half a year, the custody procedures has not been run down, it may worry Mr. white. Reflect | when buying a car for staging, but not to pay the remaining balance procedures in September 20th, Mr. White Dahe told reporters that in March of last year, who lives in Puyang City, he passed the city of Puyang issued real estate vehicle information service platform, bought a car worth $508 thousand. At that time is located in the city of Henan to build the car sales Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, the two sides agreed to settle in the form of installment payment, down payment of 204 thousand yuan, the repayment period of time for the period of 9585 yuan for the month. After the 11 months for the month, in mid March this year, Mr. White decided once all the balance settlement, so that the car sales company put all the money all paid. Mr. White, clear all the balance after he told the company staff to ask for receipts and other procedures, the staff said it could not handle, a week after receipt will be sent to Mr. white. But after more than 20 days, Mr. White has not received a receipt, contact the company, the staff said it would send as soon as possible. Today, from the delivery of all the past six months has been the time, this should get the receipt of Mr. White has been delayed. "The middle have repeatedly contact them, but they do not give to the bank, the person in charge of the custody and other excuses I travel in." Later, Mr. White after the inquiry to know, own a balance of sexual intercourse was not handed to the bank, but the car sales company peculating. "This is the case, I asked them to give me an explanation, pay the balance has been half a year, the car still belongs to the mortgage car, heart is not assured." Mr. White said angrily. Explain the operation of | company to solve the problem of poor, the middle of next month followed by reporters and Mr. White came to the information service platform of real estate vehicle to understand the situation, the person in charge of the platform manager Wang said, this situation should find time for staging the Henan car sales limited company in the situation. Wang contact the company responsible for the call, asked for immediate contact with mr.. Then, the car sales company responsible person, because of shareholder divestment business process, the company now more difficult economic situation is not optimistic. But there will be a new shareholders to join, the funds will be filled, and then all the problems will be solved. At the same time to ensure that by October 20th, the solution of the charge and the receipt of all the white run out, and sent to the fastest speed. Mr. Bai said that since the company promised to solve the problem before October 20th, then wait, if the problem is not solved, will report on the company in court.相关的主题文章: