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Private mansion, cloud delicious – Sohu from the heart to you open luxury tourism Guangzhou change rapidly. The hotel, with. The focus of attention in the bustling Pearl River New City in Guangzhou, Bai Yue brand interpretation unparalleled charm. For the memory of old Guangzhou, Dongshan Piaoyu sunny west. The old doors, watching the bustling city if. Then, on the outside of the boy, watching the flowers. Today’s appearance is vaguely? If you knock after thinking. If you wake up in my thoughts, I was shocked at the Bai Yue Yue hall. The 65 storey lobby, embraces the stunning views of guangzhou. 208 spacious and comfortable rooms warm comfortable residence modernization. Designed specifically for the taste of the extraordinary travelers, providing a variety of exquisite experience. Panoramic windows, enjoy the full range of the spectacular scenery of the Pearl river. Enjoy the luxury and amazing pleasure experience, an elegant home away from home". Bai Yue suite, independent reception area. Professional custom furniture, carved crafts. 70 floor open roof bar, viewing angle of 180 degrees. Enjoy the band performances, but also enjoy the magnificent views of the city and the Pearl river. 25 meter indoor swimming pool, the window is the intoxicating scenery on both sides of the Pearl river. Facilities and equipment, beautiful and comfortable. Advanced fitness facilities, adequate fitness space, 24 hours open at any time, a full range of health and enjoy a pleasant leisure. 4 restaurants and bars, the pursuit of fashion and elegant design style. Yue Jingxuan in the restaurant, the food restaurant Merrill liz. Casual and comfortable dining environment with fresh ingredients when the open kitchen season personalized all excellence exquisite food careful care of guests taste this is amazing Bai Yue brand in Chinese sixth, global thirty-seventh hotel. The Fuli YINKAI square building is 286 meters high, by award-winning American renowned architectural firm Goettsch Partners meticulously, interior design by the famous Japanese designer Super Potato heavy show, world famous sculpture artist Mr. Kawamata Masa also invited to the main sculpture art featuring production device. Guangzhou Bai Yue Hotel Park Hyatt Hotel address: 12 Guangzhou Huaxia Road in Tianhe District Pearl River New Town No. 16 Tel: +86 2037691234 l sub plume about my marriage相关的主题文章: