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Arts-and-Entertainment The first and most important thing is to know what you are talking about when you attempt to enter the world of pinup photography. Many people claim to do this style of photos, but they really do not know the history or background. The idea is to show women in a subtlety suggestive but cute way. You do not want to be too over the top or evocative. There is always a lot of gray, but too much can take your photos into a more raunchy realm. Its not that that it cant be done, but it shouldnt be done under the umbrella of pinup portraiture. The best way to gain knowledge about what is and maybe is not within this arena is to do some research. Though there is a lot of innovation and creativity in the community, a lot of the idea is to work off of the original artists and re-create their works in a contemporary fashion. There are classic poses, imagery, and especially clothing that helps give a feel of the 50s pinup era. Try looking on Google by searching pinup photos and you can branch out from there for hours. There are also lots of books on the subject as well. A lot of the original pinup artists were painters and drawers, based often off of live models. Look up Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren to see the two main men behind so many of the iconic images we see. There are many contemporary photographers that are working with this theme. The fun part of it is figuring out where you want to work yourself in. Theres so much to experiment and work off of and being knowledgeable about the people working today is essential. There are so many DIY (do-it-yourself) photographers out there, its hard to know about them all. But there are many celebrity status models and photographers in the scene. Some of the bigger names are Via Van Story, Shannon Brooke, 666 Photography, and Mitzi and Co. A few of the most well known models include Sabina Kelly, Dita Von Teese, Bernie Dexter, and Dayna Delux. People are often surprised to find just how large a community and movement pinup culture has today. Theres been a lot of influence on fashion and clothing lately, but that seems to be fading from popularity. Many people are involved in this culture not just for a passing fad, but because they truly enjoy all things vintage, and the 50s were an era that is very exciting to hearken back to. So if you plan on entering the world of pinup photography, make sure you enjoy yourself but be ready to work hard! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: