Peter Ho for his wife when the first model of net pay only one sentence thank you husband – Sohu Ent-acbel

Peter Ho is the first wife when the net remuneration mode is only one sentence: Thank you husband – Peter Ho and his wife   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment Peter Ho and his wife Peggy courtship 9 years, the wedding will be held in September 1st, the day before a special trip to Inner Mongolia wedding, Peggy caught the opportunity to invite her husband as a homeopathic brand models. Peter Ho smiled and said: "this is my first time in 18 years when the racquet models." But this racquet is not relaxed, his wife carrying camera on the shoulder, also under the liner as Yaoqi, although only reward but only wife sweet "thank you husband" 4 words, but he said: "this is the most valuable." In fact, Peter Ho also had a model in 1996, but at that time, he was very thin, with the long hair of the shape of his hair, he was often very popular, so that he was quite angry in private. This photo is also help Peggy so he dreams, he said: "my wife personally to help me design style is very MAN, I very love." The Pegyy is designed to help the two Hokuto no Ken SM queen, denim, and run 3 kinds of shapes, including the east love fist of the north star shape, he said: "I was very thin, friends often bullied, then often dreamed he was a fist of the North Star hero, against the evil forces." In addition, Peggy’s husband love in the drama "beautiful secret" in the style, his special requirements under the liner spookiness exhibition. But Peter Ho for the first time when the racquet model is not easy, because the shooting in Inner Mongolia, but also to cope with the local climate, he said: "some local Inner Mongolia car can not enter, we have to get off when the porters carrying equipment often go in, a walk is 2 kilometers." In addition, the sandstorm of Inner Mongolia also let two people suffer, often to stop makeup, wash the eyes, while Peggy is more hard, at a temperature of 40 degrees to barefoot in the sand, but also burn blisters, let Peter Ho very distressed. Peter Ho this shoot is a dumbbell in March of this year he released the bracelet, and the love for 9 years long Peggy registration of marriage, two people are wearing Peggy love dumbbell Design Bracelet, Peter Ho said: "announced wedding news, the wife is very worried, afraid of fans will rebound, or even hate her, but you a blessing, there are a lot of friends love this bracelet, let her cry."相关的主题文章: