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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Many shoppers love the notion of having groceries brought to their home. Stop & Shop has introduced their online grocer, Peapod, to make this possible for everyday customers. This Peapod review covers the countless advantages, and also the few drawbacks, of choosing this grocery delivery service. Once customers have experienced the online grocery experience, they may never turn up to a food store again. Online grocery delivery makes life easy. Without leaving the .fort of the sofa, shoppers will be able to peruse Stop & Shop’s grocery store aisles. Customers enjoy the choice of searching by product or of browsing through a particular category. Also, customers can scroll through the weekly specials, select a featured item and see it appear instantaneously in their cart. On future online shopping trips, customers can view their old grocery lists and put their staples directly into their online shopping cart. Peapod makes buying groceries hassle-free. No one enjoys taking a car full of children to spend several hours at the food market. Sometimes, people like elderly people may not have transportation to get to the grocery store. Getting groceries delivered to the home cuts down on the time that shoppers will spend at the store so they have more time and energy to devote to important priorities. Stop & Shop’s online assortment is very good. Produce is valued either by the pound or by the individual piece. Also, meats and deli products are priced in accordance with weight and do not have to be purchased in large quantities. The online grocer boasts a decent choice of non-grocery items such as toothpastes, soaps and household cleaning products. Peapod drivers deliver groceries directly to the kitchen. Drivers are taught to accept and calculate coupons, enabling consumers to save cash on their grocery purchase. Tips for drivers are always wel.e, and customers choose to tip in various ways. Some tip a specific amount per grocery bag, while some tip a regular amount per order. Customers will select from a number of delivery windows. When customers are prepared to choose a general delivery window, for instance a .plete morning, afternoon or evening span, Stop & Shop offers a lower price on the order. If shoppers are unable to be home at their shipping time, they may leave coolers on their porch to hold their groceries until eventually they get home. Shopping online for groceries has its downsides. Stop & Shop requires shoppers who want next-day delivery to place their order by four PM on the previous day. If shoppers require supplies for meals on the same day, they’ll still need to either visit the grocery store or order takeout. Moreover, Stop & Shop does charge more to deliver orders under $100 and adds a fuel surcharge to any delivery total. The numerous advantages of online grocery shopping far over-shadow the handful of disadvantages and minimal extra costs. For active families, senior citizens or singles on the go, online grocery shopping makes food shopping enjoyable and convenient. For information in addition to the details contained in this Peapod review, shoppers should make contact with Stop & Shop or visit the Peapod website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: