On Jin Sheng Li frozen production agreement boosting oil prices, gold 1318 will be broken nlite

On Jin Sheng Li: frozen production agreement boosting oil prices, gold 1318 will Powei Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! When a person learns to be perfunctory, everything starts to get worse, not seriously is an attitude of deterioration, whether it is on the market or on life. The world is afraid of "serious" two words, the market is afraid of "heart" two words. Love from the fine rope off loopholes since careless, regardless of holidays, or market light, when you are ready to open, please bring the heart. Gold fell Powei, the price of gold is expected in the inevitable, no counter after second days of continuous decline, the trend will continue, just drop size the magnitude and spatial problems, 1322 is the golden line 0.618 position, here the rebound, 1318 is starting up chips intensive areas also rebounded, but this support more concentrated, the overall price fell by only about $10. If, meet this market, must know how to operate, early to reach 132728 empty single plate rebound, eventually fell to 1318 place. Most of the transactions, are in line with the change of formula and shape, especially in the gold trade, the utilization rate is very high, the next time to see the day before Yindie no rebound, to do the morning of the second day it is open and not so short, rebound, rebound becomes a shock the continuation is not unilateral. Just after the presidential debates, Hawks tend to depress the price of gold the United States presidential election, Yellen in the middle of continuous drainage, this is also to cater to the winner, who now when the boss is still unknown, can only guess, just the end of the debate, this is just a hot body, change the votes the real fun is still above the continents. However, the president is certainly not elected, the interest rate is not possible, the price of gold in 1340 at the top of the fall, not only with the help of technical data, but also the inevitable decline of the technology, since last Friday, the author has been emphasized in high gold, mainly taking into account the price hit a decline in rail line delay breakthrough. 1328 bottom rebound is the key, the 1318 is expected to be difficult to keep long overnight, with 1318 gold to support a rebound, but the strength is only buffer the pace of decline, but not to change the downward direction, below the price is 5, the daily average of 10 days to complete the rebound test, did not stand before 1328-30, everything has not changed so optimistic, I fear most is in decline for resistance to empty, but does not stop looking for support, when prices on the contrary, the people do not lose money Providence will not forgive. Above the figure as a point of interest is the price of gold in the counter pressure test after the broken bits 1328.5, a word is also the 1330 position, this time down the target point is not 1318, but in 1312, it means that there is still room for downward, if you learn to see before the bottom model statistics, see this on相关的主题文章: