No effect to promote the row Look at the experience of the sister – Sohu maternal

No effect to promote the row? Look at the sisters experience – Sohu mother get married at the end of February 2016, beginning in October last year to June this year, weight loss of 10 pounds, June madness made man, three months of successful upgrade. A lot of people lose weight naturally pregnant, but I had no luck, still do not take medicine not to menstruation, and this may I eat for 3 years with 35 related endocrine drug dependence. Initially hoped that through the traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, after the Ming Ming Road, Chinese medicine is too slow, so as not to miss the best childbearing age, it is recommended to promote the first row of Western medicine, and then re conditioning Chinese medicine. Since then embarked on the road to promote western medicine! Conclusion: 1 movement may have an impact on the absorption of drugs, injections, medication is best not to exercise. 2 after ovulation do not always make up, too tight affect implantation. 3 the same quality is very important, the last January key several times, and at the same time husband climax. 4 body cold can also be pregnant. I usually oral temperature 36.2, pregnant to maintain a 37. 5 after her hip elevation 30min, is conducive to fully contact with cervical sperm. But the same position had no effect on pregnancy! 6 to maintain a happy mood is very helpful for pregnancy. Say so much, I hope my baby in the uterus, full-term birth! In this paper, sorting from the "crazy made APP users – Bobbi Q small meow " the sharing of experience, all rights reserved. Want to learn more knowledge can prepare pregnant pregnant made people download crazy APP Oh download now can also draw a polaroid and other awards相关的主题文章: