My bloody war trailer to forward Liu Ye heme Legion (video) wharfedale

"My bloody war" Trailer Liu Ye to move "my iron Legion war" Liu Ye in the death rate of the ultimate notice before Tencent entertainment news will be released in September 15th of the movie "my war" today released version of ultimate notice and ignite the bloody war as the only ultimate poster, IMAX3D released in the same period as the film is not reflected the first heat caused numerous concerns and expectations. The film directed by Hongkong director Peng Shun, well-known screenwriter Liu Heng personally penned a public gathering strength of the actors were Liu Ye, Wang Luodan, Huang Zhizhong, Tony Yang, Ye Qing, Wang Longhua, Zhang Shan, Geng Le and other co starred in guojinglin. Light version of ultimate notice is still a continuation of bloody patriotic firm and unyielding character style, battle of the night, Liu Ye led to go into battle the Legion, get back together with bloody ethnic. "My bloody war lit" beam history most cattle war posters large new route to still take the grand and magnificent blue gray, as the main color, the overall color is low-key, embodies the theme of war the magnificent momentum and cruel war atmosphere, full of sense of ceremony and serious sense. Liu Ye, Wang Luodan, Huang Zhizhong, Tony Yang, Ye Qing, Wang Longhua, the eyes of perseverance clenched bombs, standing in the clouds through the tanks, artillery and flying between elastooptical, highlighting the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army, the national blood to protect our homes and defend our country, make the Chinese people not defeat unrelenting firm patriotism. "My war" in the historical background of the real, the millions of ordinary soldiers in several small story characters, through the first main visual shooting style, to create a new experience of war. Through the perspective of the little man, the hard times on the big screen, so that more people infected with the spirit of patriotism. The film has attracted much attention since the shooting, recently, the film also released by blue, Guan Zongxiang, Liu Jiang, Tian Hua, Liu Long, in 20 China Dechen master film artists appeared in the film public service announcements "our war", the old artists collective nostalgia eventful years, spread the flags of our fathers, joint is recommended "my war"! The Legion to forward "not afraid" is "bloody Chinese we may be torn apart in a war, I think, is today." The trailer, Liu Ye’s remarks highlight the atmosphere and the cruelty of war, shocking! The Chinese people’s Liberation Army is not afraid of the death of the spirit of sacrifice, ignite national blood. In Gunfire licks the heavens. battlefield, was blown into the face of blood and no retreat warriors, to fight and sacrifice for the protection of the soldiers in front of his teammates behind, with their bloody 6 courage, touched countless Chinese people. The maximum reduction of the cruelty and violence of the war, make people feel as if exposure in a hail of bullets and soldiers together. "Are you scared?" "Not afraid!" The trailer at the end of the moments of life and death, Liu Ye and Tony Yang dialogue more exciting, "not afraid" to express everything, "not afraid" is the Chinese nation’s bloody battle, to the last soldier of the soul. The film not only vividly restored the battlefield of danger, blasting, full of wonderful action, at the same time also focus on the interpretation of the cruel battlefield little emotional life and grief at separation and joy in union. A restrained emotional drama push.相关的主题文章: