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Business I am often asked for my re.mendations of the best online network marketing tools. This question is especially prevelant from those just entering into the world of online marketing. Today I thought I would give you my re.mendations for the best tools available to the online network marketer. I am going to take the viewpoint of starting from scratch, although these are still my primary business building tools today. Social Networking – Social media is the front porch, back fence and local pub of the internet world. For business building purposes there are 3 social networking sites that are must haves in my book. Those are Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Facebook of course is the darling of the social networking world with over 500 million active subscribers, this is a must be location for anyone serious about marketing online. Twitter is one of the quickest ways to build a marketing list. With a little effort, a person can have several hundred followers in a matter of days. Linked In is the preferred social networking site for professionals. This social .munity puts you in instant contact with other business people and successful professionals. Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is the review section of the internet. There are 3 primary social bookmarking services that are again must haves in my book. Those sites are Digg, Reddit and Stumblupon. For the ability to create instant traffic for a website, Stumbleupon is by far the hands down winner. Blog – Personal branding is the name of the game. A blog should be the central hub for all of your personal branding efforts. Ideally your blog should be privately hosted and should use the WordPress platform. WordPress is re.mended because of the high degree of functionality and customization that can be done to the structure of your blog. A well built WordPress blog is highly search engine friendly and will get you seen in search engine rankings very quickly. Article Marketing – Article marketing is like putting your content on steroids. Every blog post or video piece you create should have an ac.panying article written with it. These articles are then blasted via an article submitter to article directories all over the inter.. This one step will create hundreds of back links to your website with each article submitted. This is by far the fastest no cost way to push your content to the top of search engine rankings. Video Marketing – We all know and understand the power of video. Video brings a personal touch to the content you are presenting. Viewers feel much more connected to the content provider than those who read articles on the same piece of content. When you couple the personal touch with the fact that Youtube receives over 1 billion visits per day, you can quickly understand why video marketing needs to be a primary tool in your overall marketing strategy. Although these are not the only resources available, these are certainly the top online .work marketing tools being utilized today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: