Multiple welfare ask the 10 million prize came to

Multiple welfare "asked" 10 million awards come Zhongzhou 7.5 CGWR score | asked the novice card booking area lead: ten years of classic, millions of online "asked:" summon wind and call for rain hot line, multiple exciting activities open, massive welfare DEDECATES big run. More new early adopters experience bonus gifts, tens of millions of friends to Zhongzhou, a new round of the king of popular new heights! 10 million awards feedback friends, more than the old Hao Hao greet old players return. "Asked" invite the game player in Zhongzhou, asked on a extraordinary journey cultivation! "Asked" the official website "" micro-blog "" Sina "" asked "asked:" the new revision of extraordinary experience summon wind and call for rain. "Asked:" grand new piece of information summon wind and call for rain new play, extraordinary experience and a good gift to send. During the period from September 13th to October 9th, the use of more than 20 successful game player redirection can guards change it won the honorary title "in the new time system; the weather system in Zhongzhou using the game player character amidst the winds of change, and the whole service summon wind and call for rain, times won 5000 silver ingot reward in the top 1000. The use of more than 5 times, and the use of the number of full service before 100 (the same number of times in the last time used by the former ranking) in addition to the massive silver ingot reward can also get the golden glory title "cover up the sky"! "Asked" the new weather system with multiple welfare activities. PK new speed field opened, popularity booming. Players participating in the race to get the 1 PK championship, you can get limited to the new version of the Q version of the new fashion in 7 days, to win the championship more than 3 times, can be limited to the new version of the Q version of the new version of the 30 day, generous reward easy access! In addition, a way to participate in the challenge Dongfu activities, into the second stage of the game player in the activities of the time you can get 3000 silver ingot and repair Dan, the new passion for caves, more rich Howe broadcasting! The new caves challenge veterans die rich Hao Li Ying million bonus to celebrate the return of the official old game player back, landing can get multiple exclusive gift! Game player role grade level 80 and more than 30 consecutive days without landing the role of areas where the group landed send props and equipment, game player, pet dolls, nameplate, title of veterans benefits, total online time can obtain the veterans exclusive title of honor, to participate in the activities in the original foundation award extra gain experience and potential rewards. We have millions of veterans return, send Hao Li portrait! The new jewelry asked: "weather" refining Zhongzhou to build new summon wind and call for rain Carnival Festival climax, bring new fun games for the majority of friends. Generous welfare gifts, exciting activities should not be missed! The new "asked:" so you come in the summon wind and call for rain! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: