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Mixed skin should fall and moisturizing oil control, how to do here is mixed 1, how to judge their own skin? Cruel to tell you sister smashed, China earth at least 70% of the sister smashed are mixed skin, that is, T zone oil, U area (cheek) dry. To determine what the skin, it can be tested: after a bath, not painted anything, sit quietly for 1 hours, take a piece of paper of oil absorption in the T region, according to ah go by, found oil! And then come up with another one, in the U region (cheek) press press, no oil, some dander, then you are sad ~ this kind of mixed skin exist two kinds of mixed skin. Usually in the forehead, nose, Ministry (Chin) is oily, large pores, oil secretion more, while other parts such as the cheek, showing a dry skin or neutral characteristics. The skin with climate temperature and physical condition of various changes, everyone skin is constantly changing, so to make the skin ~ especially mixed skin of the face every hour and moment according to their different needs at each stage of the skin, summer change partial mixed oil into oil oil or even comparable to Daqing, the winter dry or mixed to do = explosion. =, spring season is also sensitive to various partial dry muscle oil. Thank God, let me try all of the skin care products, oil control, moisturizing, soothing sensitive. Life is so wonderful, really ~~~2, mixed skin pain (1), the nature of the whole face of the skin care products are not the same, every minute to buy a few copies of wallet, I never had to drum up what the melody… (2) want to compare cosmetics dry, U zone will be from the skin, with the Pacific Insurance it is very wet, oily, SEI can endure this pain?!! (3) T reference skin pain, common mistakes U dry skin pain reference 3, mixed skin care (1) because the face out of the oil too much, I often used to wash oil Cleansing Cream! Wash your face too often, it will destroy the skin sebum film, and do not choose alkaline too strong oil control facial cleanser, otherwise it will hurt the skin. Recommend the use of relatively mild nature of the weak acid Cleansing Cream, choice of warm water wash when the face Oh, this is not only to stimulate the skin, but also help more thorough cleansing. (2) the pores are very thick and black, so I often go to the black! Once the pores are thick, it will not shrink. What we can do is to keep clean and water tight, and make them look smaller but not blindly use powerful cleaning products for blackheads. (3) it’s easy to have acne and shut down. I often brush the acid! A skin care means – brush acid indeed recently very fire, but the acid can soften and peel off the cutin, there are a large area but smallpox or into sensitive muscle, in skin test and did not do my homework before do not follow the trend of brush acid. (4) the oil must be because the bottom of the skin is too dry, I want to crazy replenishment! – "outside the oil dry", the skin is too dry, so the skin system will automatically secrete oil, so as to avoid the transition water shortage, this time you need to recharge! In fact, there is a certain basis, but not blindly replenishment, but not because of too much oil and use too much oil control products. The standard should be you ~!

秋季混油皮既要保湿又要控油,怎么做看这里  1、怎么判断自己是混合皮?  残忍的告诉各位妹砸,中华大地至少70%的妹砸都是混合皮,也就是T区油,U区(脸颊)干。要判断自己是什么肤质,可以这样测试:洗完澡之后,不要涂任何东西,静静地坐1个小时后,拿张吸油纸,在T区按啊去按,发现有油!然后再拿出另一张,在U区(脸颊)按啊按,没有油,有些许皮屑,那你就是悲哀的混合皮啦~  这种同时存在两种不同性质的混合性皮肤。一般在前额、鼻翼、部 (下巴)处为油性,毛孔粗大,油脂分泌较多,而其它部位如面颊,呈现出干性或中性皮肤的特征。  皮肤随着环境气候气温以及身体状况各种在变,每个人肤质都是在不断变化的,所以要根据自己在每个阶段不同的肤质的需求进行针对护肤~  特别是无时无刻换脸的混合皮, 夏变偏混油甚至变成油皮甚至堪比大庆油田,冬天混干甚至干到爆炸=。=,春夏换季还变成各种偏油偏干的敏感肌。感谢上天,让我能够试遍所有护肤产品,控油的,保湿的,舒缓敏感的。人生如此,实在美妙~~~2、混合皮的痛  (1)首先整张脸的性质不一样,护肤品分分钟都要买几份好吗,我钱包从来就没鼓起来过嘤嘤嘤…  (2)化妆品想要比较干爽的呢,U区就会起皮,用太保湿的呢,就很油光满面,这种痛sei能忍受?!!  (3)T区参考油皮的痛,U区参考干皮的痛3、混合皮护肤的常见误区  (1)因为脸上出油太多了,我要经常用控油洗面奶洗脸!—洗脸次数过于频繁,会破坏肌肤皮脂膜,而且不要选择碱性太强的控油洗面奶,不然会伤害皮肤。建议使用性质比较温和的弱酸性洗面奶,洗脸的时候选择温水洗脸哦,这样不仅不会刺激肌肤,而且还能帮助洁面更加彻底。  (2)毛孔好粗大啊,黑头好多,我要经常去黑头!毛孔一旦粗大了,是不会缩小的。我们能做到的就是保持清洁和补水收敛,让他们看起来小了~但是不能为了去黑头而盲目使用强力清洁产品。  (3)很容易长痘痘和闭口,我要经常刷酸!—刷酸确实最近很火的一个护肤手段,但是酸有软化和剥离角质的作用,有人因此反而大面积爆痘or变成敏感肌,在没有做好皮试和功课前不要随意跟风刷酸。  (4)出油肯定是因为皮肤底层太干了,我要狂补水!—“外油内干”,皮肤太干因此皮肤系统会自动分泌油脂以免过渡缺水,这个时候就需要补水了!其实这有一定依据,但不能盲目补水,更不能因为出油多而使用太多控油产品。标准应该是你使用感受不油不干,足够舒适是最好的。4、混合皮护肤,起码要做到什么?  (1)不要长期用强力清洁or强力控油产品,不要用温度太高的水洗脸,不要频繁去角质、刷酸等。  (2)所有抹上脸的护肤品以清爽舒适为主,什么膏啊霜啊如果太黏腻就自动屏蔽吧。  (3)完整的一套护肤顺序是这样的↓,但是混油皮一般都不需要多用面霜,乳液也以清爽为主。个人的肤感比科学的意义大多了,舒适非常重要。  (4)有还是那句,早睡不熬夜,多喝水。健康生活才是好皮肤的开始啊宝宝们~相关的主题文章: