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Software Microsoft Outlook is developed with the sole aim to provide users an emailing platform. While we talk about emailing service of IBM Lotus Notes application, it should be considered that messaging it just a part of this huge application. Nevertheless, both the applications are the choice of businesses for one or another reason. .paring Notes and Outlook 2010 client, one can easily make it out that both the clients has almost similar features. So, it is really hard for a person to say which mail client is better, because both give tough .petition to each other. But, yes as far as the user response, interface and .patibility of Outlook with Microsoft product is concern, unarguably Outlook 2010 wins the race. So, if you have decided or thinking to Move from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook application, then there is small information, that will help you in making your decision fairer. Advantage Of Outlook VS Notes Mailing Application .patibility :- Microsoft is leading provider of desktop and Operating System and almost all corporates uses Microsoft products. Outlook is also a product of Microsoft. So, Outlook works really fine with MS products Cost Savvy :- In .parison to Notes, Outlook is cost savvy in two aspects first it is the part of MS Office Suite and so user does not have to buy separate license and second the interface is simple and easy to understand so, .pany does not have to invest in training the people. Easy to Use :- The features and interface of Outlook is very much made for corporate users. All the functionalities present in Outlook is very favorable to corporate users e.g. its contact folder, calendar feature let the staff to arrange their meetings and contact folder to manage the contacts both personal and professional, task etc. How to Migrate the Data of Notes Application to Outlook After you decide to move from Notes platform o Outlook, the next question arises how to move the data? Well there is no built-in tool available with both Notes and Outlook mail application. Therefore, user has to take the help of Lotus Domino Connector to Outlook 2010; it means one has to be depended on third party tool. Go With Multitasking Data Migration Software But, before choosing any external tool for migration of data, some points need to be taken care of like, in the data migration process of Notes to Outlook there are various factors involves. Data migration from Domino Server to Exchange Server, then client to client migration and sometime Server to client migration and vice versa are also required. Therefore, it is very important to have multitasking tool rather just software that is capable of doing the migration of data. Hence considering the entire things one .pany has developed a tool that is multitasking and can solve all the problems of users and the tool is Mail Migration Wizard. This tool offers migration of data in four different ways and it is known as one of the best tool in online market for Lotus Notes to Outlook data migration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: