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"Marine romance" experience of the road just to tell a good story ocean quest entertainment news issued by the China Film Tencent, Chinese animation studios, Disney Disney films produced, "Crazy", "super city animal corps", "frozen" original cast to create animated adventure comedy "marine romance" (Moana) in November 25th China synchronous release. With more and more video exposure, dazzling visual effects brought by the film’s beautiful picture has become the focus of the ups and downs of the story has been unveiled, leading the audience into a fantasy mystery adventure. Explore thousands of years of ups and drama legend demigod Maui: the story of human heroes from the previous exposure to content, as the 2016 finale of Disney animation, "marine romance" maintained a consistently high standard of Disney stories. It is reported that the "ocean romance" story inspired in part by the residents of Oceania oral history stories and local culture. Three thousand years ago, the great Polynesian navigators across the vast Pacific Ocean, for nearly a thousand islands. But the voyage was suspended for one thousand years, and no one knew why. On the mystery of the past one thousand years, derived from a variety of legends, however, it is a touch of mystery to the filmmakers to provide a wealth of imagination. As the most important companion in the journey of Moana, the demigod, a legendary figure, is based on a local legend of Oceania, which eventually shaped. As surreal characters, demigod Maui has the supreme power and humorous, and in the face of mo before Ahna is more like a lonely hero, also called "the story of the hero". Oceania was the greatest of the original half god, although very reluctant to Iraq, but still with a long troubled their own problems, and Moana set foot on the journey of looking for self. There is joy in the journey of fun funny adorable elements are compact, plot the ups and downs, although understandable but not young. As a producer, NAT · Shure said: "this happened many years ago, but you won’t find it far away from you." The gold medal team carefully crafted "Legend of the sea" the responsibility of the group quest Oceania with Moana embarked on an unknown adventure film, Oceania beautiful picture is the story of ups and downs add mystery. So fantastic and mysterious world of the key to open, it comes from "Crazy", "super city animal corps", "frozen" gold production team. Mo Ahna generation of people living in the map of the island of Rooney, surrounded by tropical vegetation of sunny vegetation, full of mysterious atmosphere of Oceania culture, are carefully designed and verified by the production team. In order to let the audience have personally on the scene viewing experience, directed by Ron · and John · Rhodes; Claremont; musk with Disney animation artists has been two times to the southern Oceania area were investigated deeply, and even set up a "Legend of the sea the responsibility of the group". The group gathered experts in various fields, including anthropologists, linguists, scholars, educators, experienced navigators and cultural consultants, they work together with the Disney creative team, to ensure that the show)相关的主题文章: