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"Magic" magic animal 3D visual effects magic flying round screening joke – Sohu entertainment magical effects scenes [Click to view more HD map] Sohu entertainment news by Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling produced the first screenwriter 3D fantasy masterwork "magic animal where", will visit the mainland screen in November 25th. The film today (November 14th) released featurette, director David Yates, producer David Heyman – and made "gravity" special effects artist Chris Parke appeared in the interpretation of "magical animal production where" how to use 3D technology to realize the new magic dimension concept. Starring Eddie Mayne Reid in an interview to talk about the magic and virtual scene of various interesting animal.     last week was held in London, the film premiere in New York, the first foreign media preview review today are released, rotten tomatoes critics website satisfaction as high as 100%, "variety", "Hollywood reporter", "the guardian" and other media critics played well, praised it as "a super fun, honest, and the movie" full of jokes, "will let die hard fans satisfied." The Oscar team to create the perfect presentation of 3D effects "in front of" magic director David Yates has directed "Harry Potter" after four, the producer David Heyman in 1999 made the "Harry – Potter" movie rights, making it the most successful film in the history of the series of films, the two behind J.K. and Rowling will again hand in hand, the text into a powerful and unconstrained style picture. From the special edition can be seen behind the team and not simply the pursuit of visual stimulation, while putting more emphasis on the microscopic details of the process and to the new world of magic to build a macro. 3D made many blockbuster visual effects, "the magical animal where" the hope behind the team to build the world of magic, and the scene was described by Rowling more nuanced magic scene, the same shock can let the audience get creative on the screen in the studio experience. Once by gravity to get Oscar’s best visual effects award for the Chris – is responsible for leading the completion of the 3D modeling. He said: "magic is a very important part of Rowling’s work, it must be 3D technology to make it true." In order to show the world Newt scamandre box in the Incredibles, even fleeting images, the pursuit of perfect effects. For example, a just a few seconds: covered with branches, Jacob approached as a butterfly flying "yellow" gradually fly to the front, then shot a turn, with the audience like like the yellow leaves of biological fly in the sky, Newt’s box overlooking the world again. Naughty sleek fur, smell the air scattered floating jewelry, open mouth as if to swallow the bird, snake eyes all rushed to the audience the hand-held wand mage, and instantly flew out toward the screen up magic wing…… The outline of several scenes, the 3D effects of the "face" will hit the audience. As director David Yates said: "the 3D effects sometimes like a grand symphony feast, sometimes just a flute solo." .相关的主题文章: