Liu Xiang suspected woo woo video exposure girlfriend group has been accompanied by Sohu Sports-stand by me shinee

Liu Xiang suspected proposal Wu Sha video exposure girlfriend program group has been accompanied by a sports Sohu recently, Liu Xiang in the "Amazing Race" Rio stage recording scene, people were booing propose to his girlfriend Wu Sha video was exposed, triggering strong crowd. And on last Friday, Wu Sha in the micro-blog drying out of the United States, the ring on his ring finger sparkling, very eye-catching. Lenovo all, two people seem to love in the "Amazing Race" Rio stage into a new stage. The crowd booing Liu Xiang proposed Wu Sha Bo exposed ring from the exposure of the "proposal" section of the video can be seen, Liu Xiang to Wu Sha, a domineering and powerful Princess hold, directly to the podium Wu Sha hold on "Amazing Race", to all be caught off guard sprinkle sugar. In this process, Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok, and other people, such as the side of the strong side of the "assists", "proposed marriage", "marriage", such as "" and ""!" "Kiss!" A sound can be heard without end. According to insiders broke the news, then it was recorded to the last program, Liu Xiang after the completion of the challenge is very excited, it may be infected by a warm atmosphere around, so there will be some crazy move". And Wu was also obviously Liu Xiang’s move, the two also hugged together. Liu Xiang ring finger ring Wu Sha ring finger with the video was exposed, careful users compared to Liu Xiang in the "Amazing Race" in a ring and Wu Sha ring on hand, found that two people are wearing a ring finger shape highly similar. Many netizens have said: it seems that Xiang brother has been successful proposal, blessing!" Accompany the rumor that the journey speed despite Liu Xiang in "the amazing race" the partner is known for 8 years friend Xu Qifeng, but the speed of the journey, Wu Sha accompanied. "The amazing race" in Rome and earlier stage, Liu Xiang in the fountain before, blurted out "early Takako" triggered netizens speculated that two people have licensing of marriage. In the stage of the Rio record, had been behind the scenes Wu Sha forthrightly and into the mirror, not only for the Friday night broadcast of "the amazing race" night of Champions "add offbeat aspect, also make the rumor.相关的主题文章: