Liu Qibao to promote literary and artistic creation from the plateau to the peak forward – Sohu news-aptana studio

Liu Qibao: to promote artistic creation by the "Plateau" to "peak" forward – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Beijing in October 10, in October 10th, general secretary Xi Jinping presided over the work of the forum and delivered an important speech at the two anniversary of the Central Propaganda Department held the prosperity of literary and artistic creation will be the exchange of experience in beijing. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee, the Central Propaganda Department Minister Liu Qibao attended the meeting, stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, summing up the experience, consolidate the achievements, with greater efforts and more effective measures to promote artistic creation from the "Plateau" to "peak", from a peak to another a peak. Liu Qibao pointed out that the work of the forum held in the past two years, China’s literary creation vitality burst, masterpieces emerging, cultural consumption is more exuberant, the appearance gratifying change, the weather take on an altogether new aspect. To further the prosperity of literary and artistic creation, and strive to improve the original ability, from the basic link to support the original, take measures to guide the original focus; focus on reality theme, highlighting the China dream theme, attention and record the great era of outstanding works to introduce more stirring; to improve the work quality, and constantly improve the work of the spirit of height, cultural connotation and artistic value; to strengthen the literary criticism, criticism of the form of innovation, promote good atmosphere of criticism, leading the direction of literary creation; strengthen the cultivation of talent and team, creating a high-quality artistic talents team. Liu Qibao pointed out that the strong literary policy is an important guarantee to promote the creation of boutique production. To make full use of existing policies, and in accordance with the practice of the development of timely introduction and improvement of the relevant policies to strengthen the co-ordination of policy implementation and guidance and supervision, and create a favorable environment conducive to the prosperity of literary and artistic creation.相关的主题文章: