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Lippi’s foot palm win player heart, won coach cuilong Zhu personally at heart, Lippi in charge of the national sports Sohu – foot can be said to be a big news for Chinese football, this is the whole nation all happy things, in the Chinese Football Association held a media conference, Lippi also said the current China team first, the goal is not to decide the championship, but the team confidence in. The current national football player Chinese is not the lack of tactical ability, it is a state of mind, a kind of confidence, Lippi said, the player’s ability than other Asian countries players, players in the national team only played 40% of the club fighting force, also need to play more. There is no doubt that Lippi points to a Chinese team’s weakness, the arrival of Lippi can be said to be completely suppressed in the gas field China team all big, if the team does not play, then China squad next is not his name, and Lippi is not only the football association support. The support of the players has been super club manager support. Hengda coach Scolari was supposed to be the class, but because the Orangemen chose Lippi, so Scolari won the contract for Lippi’s future, Scolari said to Lippi, Chinese led the team to achieve better results, when they need help will help. Luneng coach Magath is the support of Lippi to rival players as the team formed the national team, believe that under the leadership of Lippi, China team can achieve better results, and for the team the following personnel squad, said a full support. The Hong Kong coach Erickson believes China team found the best manager Lippi, whether it is in the national team or the most constant has made brilliant achievements, Lippi is the best choice to congratulate the team China, Lippi Chinese led the team to achieve good results. China coach Pellegrini said long ago, Lippi will be very happy to come back, whether in Hengda or in the national team. But in the club with Lippi after the conflict Jiangsu team coach cuilong Zhu although there is no position on the media Lippi in charge of the national team expressed views, but I believe he will also bless the success of Lippi, after all, in this state the Orangemen took over, it is a kind of courage, worthy of admiration! In view of this, Lippi’s office said, can be welcomed, this is the first choice China football this bad environment, now he just won the Football Association’s trust, but also got the super club coach’s trust, can be said to be the one for the Orangemen! (generation of Cologne)相关的主题文章: