Life Enrichment Tricks Part1-mia farrow

Divors Our life is a gift of God, which provides us a chance to see the beauty of nature, experience the pleasures of world, to love others and to be loved, and to serve the world in your own special ways. There are lots of rights and duties attached with our life. We have to fight for our rights and complete our duties and bear the responsibilities assigned to us properly. Then only our life will be fruitful and meaningful. Happiness and Sorrows – Two Phases of Life The life is like a river (stream of water) having two shores, happiness and sorrows. It has stream of feelings and emotions all around, there are different stages of life, a person takes birth as a kid with lots of fun and laughter in account, then grow up as a teen with a new learning everyday about the world around, then grow up as an adult full of energy and enthusiasm with several ambitions and desires in his heart for tomorrow. Along with them, he also has to bear several responsibilities attached to to relations, mankind, or his own. All these phases are packaged with several incidents of happiness giving us more energy and power to drive our life accordingly. At the same time one has to face different kinds of hurdles in life creating troublesome conditions. But one should never forget that both of these things happiness and sorrow is an integrated part of our life. Problems are in fact a test for us, an examination for ourselves so that we can judge our calibers, or we can identify our weakness, to do better in life. Relations – Bond of Life In our life, one has been play different roles. A person has to be polymorphous in life, sometime acting as a son or daughter, husband or wife, father and mother, and different other roles at different situations. We have to act accordingly to keep all these relations active, full of emotions, and love and care for each other, and then only we’ll have harmony in life. These things are always important because we’ll be happy, if all our loved ones will be happy, if they are in grief, we cannot expect happiness for us. [Continued…] About the Author: 相关的主题文章: