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Li Chen Zhang Yi drama broadcasting "soldier assault" creative to create Sina entertainment news no Korean child heart tear, there is no suspense drama Thriller Horror, no costume drama aesthetic classic, with a serious, documentary known war drama want to break out, seems to be not a small challenge. However, in 2006 a "soldier assault" suddenly jump red, not only to become the "phenomenal" TV series, more in the TV market blew up a military theme of the wind. Since then, Lan Xiaolong has created the "my head of my regiment" and "the line of life and death", constitutes a "war trilogy". There is a "war trilogy" success, Lan Xiaolong is now eyeing the "ugly" trilogy, which is the opening of the upcoming September 26th landing Beijing TV "Goodfellas", this movie is not only a continuation of the "shock troops" warm creation, and Zhang Yi [micro-blog], Li Chen [micro-blog the good brothers of the portrait of joining. One of the War Trilogy: "soldier assault" to describe the characteristics of a dark horse: Jingxian Recommendation Index: assumes, in 2005, the creation of Lan Xiaolong’s drama "aierna and assault" by Lao She literary award and the Cao Yu prize for drama, after he takes another novel "the drama and his soldiers" as the basis of creation the "soldier assault" script. "Soldier assault" tells the story of an ordinary soldier of rural origin XuSanDuo (Baoqiang Wang) grew up, he did not abandon, do not give up, and eventually become a good scout story. When compared with the popular drama, urban drama, drama, drama is not optimistic about this person, but "soldier assault" is like a dark horse, not even nance a "phenomenal" TV series, led to a military theme of the wind. The soldiers raided "fame, let Lan Xiaolong unexpected, not only that, a number of awards this drama also won the twenty-seventh session of the twenty-fourth flying award, Golden Eagle Award for outstanding Drama Awards, became one of the 100 excellent film recommended by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of education in 2013, the National Youth League to. Even more unexpected is that a lot of soldiers are watching the soldiers assault after the play decided to go to war. In the face of the audience praised, screenwriter Lan Xiaolong has said that he does not want the default theme in the creation of the popular "XuSanDuo spirit" is not he summed up, "this idea is the interpretation of the audience out of the" soldiers surprise "after the red, someone told me that this work is thinking, I was shocked. I’ve heard that a lot of people are shouting "don’t give up, don’t give up", "people live to do something meaningful.". In fact, the original creation I have never thought, only a spirit of entertainment. I only present a story to the audience." War Trilogy two: "my head of my group" on the show features: Description: * * * * recommended index, when many people are looking forward to the "soldier assault" sequel, Long Xiaolan did not continue XuSanDuo’s story, but the creation is not reliable, make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks characters. "My head of my group", a unique!相关的主题文章: