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Jiangsu 9 days around the low temperature and low   Xuzhou, as low as the temperature of 6.5 degrees – people Jiangsu window – People’s original title: surprise! Go Canbei frozen dog surprise! Deep blue looked up to see the F3 version: Essentials of surprise! Go Canbei frozen dog surprise! Look up to see the deep blue 9, Nanjing sunny weather, outdoor visibility is very high     Ma Jingjing photo Nanjing yesterday, one day, "surprise" surprise! Go Canbei frozen dog surprise! Look up and see the deep blue yesterday morning you are the sky blue eyes, or frozen into a dog? Modern Express reporter learned that the second half of the year low temperature reached Jiangsu yesterday in all regions, Xuzhou Fengxian County low to 6.5 degrees Celsius, it is already late autumn to early winter temperatures, probably need a long johns to save. The next three days, Jiangsu is still around the temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, small temperature rise. Yesterday, a new cold yesterday, a lot of people get up early in the morning was cold. Jiangsu meteorological statistics, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Huaian, most of the region to low single digits, below 10 degrees celsius. Xuzhou, Fengxian County, the coldest, only 6.5 degrees, Xuzhou, followed by a temperature of 7.1 degrees. Lianyungang East China Sea 7.8 degrees ranked No. third. Nanjing to a little better, yesterday morning temperatures generally below 14 degrees Celsius, Liuhe, Lishui minimum temperature below 12 degrees celsius. The temperature is so low, it is no wonder that in the morning wearing a sweater to go out, feel cold. Afternoon high temperature gradually returned to around 20 degrees celsius. In addition to cold air cooling, fringe benefits is the blue sky. Yesterday morning, the Nanjing sky really is cloudless, only blue. Is not blue, but deep blue, as if only on the prairie to see the scene. Many people could not live in the circle of friends brush up blue screen. Later this week may be sunny today or rainy weather, Jiangsu weather forecast, Jiangsu nearly three days are cloudy. But it’s not so cold in the morning. Judging from the latest forecast, this morning, the province returned to 10 degrees Celsius temperature. However, according to the Nanjing meteorological forecast, is expected from the beginning of 13, with high frequent cold air activity, the latter may increase the rainy weather. (Xu Cen) Nanjing three days the weather is cloudy today, the northeast wind 4 to 5, 13 to 21 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy to overcast, 15 ~ 21 degrees tomorrow cloudy to overcast, 16 ~ 21 C (commissioning editor: Geng Zhichao, Zhang Yan)相关的主题文章: