Jacky Wu wants to exit the program named Wang Weizhong successor to accompany her daughter-winbook

Jacky Wu wants to exit the program named Wang Weizhong replaced with his daughter and daughter Jacky Wu Jacky Wu and daughter Wu Shanru Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan arts king Jacky Wu [micro-blog] to her daughter Wu Shanru (Sandy) presided over the "little star". Since January, more than the negative feedback from broadcast so far, and the two show funny interaction has been an audience favorite however, he was in a recent interview, to disclose his intention to let her independence, more directly named well-known producer Wang Weizhong [micro-blog] successor. According to Taiwan media reports, Jacky Wu revealed to the resignation of "little star", that they accompany Wu Shanru for more than half a year, this is to find time to go, but he said there’s candidate is Wang Weizhong, felt by the other to accompany her daughter presided over the most suitable, a few days will eat dinner, then it will convince Wang Weizhong to nod promise. In fact, the Taiwan entertainment industry recently is entering a turbulent period, not only the variety shows have been broadcast, transformation, even three TV have large layoffs, television internal changes, related to the Jacky Wu and his daughter are affected, Wu Shanru originally presided over the program "Popcorn cinema" and "entertainment" to direct completely, become one a unit; Jacky Wu hit show "variety big top" from the original broadcast week 5 days into 4 days, the salary directly lost nearly a million, but Jacky Wu thinks that this phenomenon is "up before the squat, just wait the change after a few months," may the great leap forward."相关的主题文章: