It is said that the United States cry to Alcatel WP flagship machine y580

It is said that the United States cry Alcatel WP flagship real machine to the Android camp new machine constantly, even in a year, the iOS platform has updated the flagship, the WP camp is good, pro son Lumia series for a long time no movement. Fortunately, Microsoft slack, third party vendors such as Al Carter (Alcatel) is not idle, a flagship Alcatel Idol 4 Pro WP was ready, and before the feedback from users is also good. After rendering, Alcatel Idol 4 Pro prototype were pulled out by netizens. In contrast, Alcatel Idol 4 Pro basically restore the rendering of the highly acclaimed design, and from the virtual keys and the status bar in the figure to judge, Alcatel Idol 4 Pro operation is indeed Win 10 Mobile system is no doubt. Alcatel Idol 4 Pro rendering, however, as the former WP users, a glance to see the annoying Loading (being loaded) animation. You know, combined with the previous rumors, Alcatel Idol 4 Pro has a 820 2.1GHz snapdragon processor +4GB memory configuration. This, this is really drunk, could save 820 Xiaolong Win 10 Mobile?相关的主题文章: