Is Pu Jinhui breaking the law South Korean government and the Three Party announced the lifting of

Is Pu Jinhui breaking the law? South Korea’s Three Party announced the promotion of investigation efforts – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in South Korea economic winter] three major South Korean opposition party chief deputy party leader said on the 14, and started to President Park Geun hye intervention case special prosecutor cronies and Congress agreed on administrative investigation. South Korean prosecutors have been previously announced nearly two days of the park "face-to-face" survey, now the three parties also announced a special prosecutor, is expected to enhance the strength and scope of investigation. According to South Korean KBS television reported that the special prosecutor to participate in the special prosecutor’s office will be recommended by the two opposition parties, appointed by the president. The independent counsel will lead the 4 assistant prosecutor, 20 transferred to prosecutors, 40 special prosecutor investigated up to 120 days of "close door". National investigation group by the government and each 9 National Investigation special committee composed investigation lasted 90 days. One plan within 17 days of the plenary session of Parliament by the corresponding bill. Yonhap said, in the "cronies intervention" incident broke at the beginning of the South Korean prosecutors leadership judge had, with more and more doubtful, the event continues to ferment, eventually transferred with special treatment. Prosecutors mobilized a large number of human resources to set up a special investigation of the largest in the history of the Department, is to avoid the investigation after the transfer of special investigation, will not be thorough criticism. Korea Edaily website, the South Korean government and agreed to start special inspection means, the survey will further expand the scope and may be to protect the citizens right to know "open to the media survey process. 14, the largest opposition Democratic Party leader common love to see not see the fall of the United States President Park Geun hye, become the hottest topic in the South Korean political parties and the media. Autumn love the original plan to meet with Pu Jinhui 15, convey the people who asked her to step down". But under pressure from the party, Akimi Ai canceled the talks. Korea "Daily" said, supporters believe that as the largest opposition party should play a leading role in clean up political chaos, talks with the president is from the "second line" to "the necessary process formally asked the president to step down."". However, at the meeting of all members of the Democratic Party, the majority of people think that this time with Park Geun hye talks with the president to step down the public opinion contrary, will break the opposition camp United front. The Chong Wa Dae affiliated former Secretary Zheng Hucheng was summoned after the prosecution, Pu Jinhui "the other two knocker gang of three, the state Publicity Secretary Ann Fenggen and former General Secretary Li Zaiwan 14 in Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office for investigation. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" said 14 days, the prosecution plans this week in the investigation and prosecution of Cui Shunshi Park, Pu Jinhui, whether the alleged illegal this week to see the outcome. And 19, another round of demonstrations will be held again.相关的主题文章: