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Inventory of those gaming celebrity most want to delete the photo’s eyes sting – Sina hero alliance zone everyone has a reluctant to recall the past, I remember the memories, will not consciously get goosebumps, embarrassing directly to late cancer. The hero alliance has been with us for 5 years, in these 5 years, many interesting things happened, especially some players do not want to look back to the past occupation, today Xiaobian all out, let everybody a spicy spicy eyes. Have an appetizer first. This group of cos EZ, presumably we have long seen, the image of the three are: Friends of women, handsome, indifferent. White can not think of it, and the fate of the faker dispute, why has been extended to the cos sector. For flame interference, white said: "it is the movie of two, but always someone to spoiler". For this group of COS photos, Xiao Bian would like to ask the views of white (manual funny). 55 open it, they makeup too thick, I am closer to reality." After the appetizer, we then look down, taste a little bit of regulation. This time we are not the same, just look at the professional field of the players cos heroine. 2015 LPL all star game and entertainment, the Korean all star team to complete the hidden task, no state was named each other, without pausing the game state cos lacus. After the debut, the state is no longer the case. Don’t say this jacket fits well, but it’s pretty good for the rest of the world. Then the game continues, China’s all star team also completed the hidden task, SP also suffered retaliation". Chinese all star requirements are small Sprite COS Anne, then in the rest of the game, he was wearing this dress for. However, here to say, this dress how spicy small ah? After reading the above, we feel that this is enough hot eyes? The next group, you must keep your eyes open, please enjoy this group of soul COS. Real fans, even if only to see the nose, you can recognize who I am. Yes, this is the wind, this section of the COS is really a long history, and 55 open the same source EZ, you are the hero of the cos contest. Then, if the wind, said smiling, and 55 open, etc. in the coach. At that time, if the wind in the two breath has burst table, the COS in a solemn expression, impressive knife posture. In addition, if the wind was 55, a coach, is breathtaking. The coach said he cos the clown, I just want to ask the coach, who is not playing ah? Why is it so bad. See this, you think it’s over? Just like the traditional comics, movies, TV and so on, the general will have to end the boss well, then let us meet the occupation player cos world ultimate combination, their popular cos, throbbing soul, deter the universe! Yes, they are laughing and jessica! First the primary storage capacity, the next two is the ultimate big move time. Big time… Ruined childhood ah, netizens comment.相关的主题文章: