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Despite new trends, hype and marketing, tradition has never been stronger. In France, good food still means authentic cooking by using natural products from diverse regions. This is how we celebrate human being by offering the best food to all our senses. For more details go to: cooking home-made food and eating at the table make your appetite grow stronger. The challenge is to combine ingredients together to get the best taste out of them. However anyone from anywhere can explore the world of french cooking. To start with, let’s find out what french people enjoy to eat. Here are the top 10 most popular recipes in France: Roast Chicken Indeed roast chicken is not a notorious french recipe but cooked everywhere around the world from Asia and Africa to America. However it is the most popular french dish. Roast chicken is not stuffed inside. The secret is to baste the poultry several times during roasting with butter and cooking oil and to add an onion in the roasting pan. Roast chicken is traditionally served with potatoes and green beans. Boeuf bourguignon The most famous beef stew in France. Boeuf bourguignon is a traditional recipe from Burgundy. A recipe that French people use to cook at least once every winter. The beef meat is cooked in a red wine sauce, obviously a red wine from Burgundy. Bacon, onions, mushrooms and carrots add flavor to the recipe. But thyme, garlic and beef stock are essential to cook a good boeuf bourguignon. Mussels mariniere A typical summer recipe very popular along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Mussels are fresh and cooked in a white wine sauce with parsley, thyme, bay leaf and onion. For help visit: it takes only 5 minutes to cook a tasteful mussels mariniere. The secret is to season carefully the meal and to discard any mussels that don’t look good enough. Sole meuniere Although sole is an expensive fish, the taste is so elegant that it is considered as the noblest fish. Sole meuniere is a recipe from Normandy. The fish is cooked in a butter sauce with a little bit of flour and lemon juice. Sole is traditionally served with rice or green vegetables. Pot au feu A typical family meal coming once again from Normandy. Pot au feu is a boiled beef with pork, chicken and vegetables. It takes about 4 hours an a half to cook as the beef has to simmer slowly to extract all its flavor. Pot au feu is also called Potee Normande in France. Sauerkraut Quite similar to the german sauerkraut, the french sauerkraut called choucroute comes from Alsace. However the French recipe can be traced back to 6 centuries ago! Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage. Commonly sauerkraut includes sausages, pork knuckle and bacon. Two essential ingredients are Alsatian white wine and juniper berries. Veal stew Called Blanquette de veal in France, this is another stew recipe from Normandy. The veal meat simmers in white sauce as Blanquette from Blanc stands for white in French – with mushrooms and onions. The white sauce is made of egg yolks, whipping cream and lemon juice. Veal stew is usually served with rice. Lamb navarin Another stew but this one is made of lamb meat. It is also called spring lamb as it comes with green vegetables available in spring. Navarin comes from navet which stands for turnips in French. Other ingredients are tomatoes, lamb stock and carrots. This stew takes less time to simmer than any other. Cassoulet A strange recipe that English people often confuse with their traditional breakfast! A traditional meal from south west of France. Each village has its own recipe but it always includes beans and meats. Cassoulet is a rich combination of white beans and depending on the village lamb, pork, mutton or sausage meat. Cassoulet is the cornerstone of the French paradox study describing why people from south west of France suffer less than others from infarcts. Bouillabaisse Bouillabaisse is closely linked with the city of Marseille on the Mediterranean coast. The recipe is a fish soup from local fish and seafood products including crabs, scorpion fish, monk fish and others. Provencal herbs and olive oil are essential. For a long time, the recipe was a secret jealously kept by the people from Marseille. Do you market online? If you do then my guess is that you probably market to one main niche. Whether you sell your own products, work as an affiliate or run a marketing newsletter, I would be willing to bet that the main target area for your online activities is the make money online niche or helping others to earn a living online. The "make money online" is a great niche to work in and can yield fantastic results, enabling you to make enough money to eventually ditch your 9-5 and go it alone, working from your own home and to hours that suit you. There is one main problem though and that is the fact that pretty much every other online marketer is working in this niche as well, for more details visit to and with so many marketers targeting the same group of people online it is becoming increasingly hard for the smaller, lesser known names to get their products and services seen amongst sea of other offers from competing marketers. The make money online niche is very very overcrowded. Let me ask you a quick question. What does an intelligent online marketer do to increase the chance of getting seen by crowds of information hungry customers? Have a think about that for a second…. Well, they could: * look for more places to post links back to their website. * set up PPC ads and pay a lot of money to attract customers. * approach the more respected and well known marketers to ask if they could help promote your products (let me tell you, they get hundreds of these requests a month). * Create more and more minisites, blogs and articles in an effort to drive traffic. They could do all this and much more in an effort to make decent money, but there is one main problem with this approach. It involves a hell of a lot of work, time and money to put in place. But you shouldn’t let this spoil your dreams of making it online as there is a much simpler way to get your offering seen by crowds of hungry customers. You should……… Target Less Crowded Niches! There are many many niches that can be just as profitable and are not marketed to as aggressively as the make money online niche. For example fishing, weddings, health and beauty, home improvement. The list goes on and on. Of course there are also many sub-niches or "micro-niches" that can be explored as well. For example in the fishing niche you could take a look at bass fishing, fishing lures, fly fishing, fishing bait, etc, etc In the wedding niche, you could consider these micro-niches – wedding flowers, honeymoons, wedding dresses, wedding speeches, cheap weddings, wedding favors, etc, etc. Of course once you have found a niche that you want to market to, you need to consider how to monetize it. Creating a product or content yourself that is of suitably high quality to make you money involves a lot of research and development time (anything from a few weeks to many months). If you are selling a product as opposed to making money through advertising such as Adsense then you will also need to write sales copy, for more details visit to .auto-hits-machine.. create graphics (ebook covers, webpage graphics), create a salespage, download page and more. All of this time and work before you have even made a dime. You could outsource this task, but will end up paying anything upwards of a few hundred dollars just for one single product. There is another much cheaper and easier option available to you that will allow you to get your product live and earning money a lot quicker. By using ready made products that .e with private label rights you will be able to get your offering up and running within hours instead of weeks, enabling you to get a much faster return on your initial investment. 相关的主题文章: