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"Ingenuity" casting hardware Zhejiang Yongkang once again sounded the horn – artisan Spirit Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Jinhua Xinhua (reporter trainee reporter Xi Jinyan Li Qianqian) with the twenty-first China Hardware Expo held, "inheriting the artisan spirit, improve the quality of the concept of" quality education and National Development Forum in Zhejiang Yongkang kicked off. It is reported that the forum with the artisan spirit of promoting the transformation of quality education and development "as the theme of" innovation, demonstration, prospective, sharing as the theme, the guests on how to further promote the "artisan spirit", from "Yongkang manufacturing" to "create gorgeous transformation of Yongkang quality" to discuss. Luban, from the technology Art beats nature. lianghuiwang Shenhuqiji paoding to exclaim, presided over the construction of Dujiangyan water conservancy engineering Li Bing, three invented the cart and keel series Ma Jun, and then to the invention of the Song Dynasty clock tower and false Miriam day Han Gong Lian, the Ming Dynasty "Heavenly Creations" author Song Yingxing, since ancient times. That is an innovative and traditional artisan spirit state Chinese. It can be said that all kinds of ancient craftsmen to create value for its exquisite society, made an important contribution to the formation of indispensable and prosperity of the Chinese civilization. Yongkang since ancient times and hardware soon, had a beautiful legend of the Yellow Emperor and the tripod, and swords, Chinese made jade machine, the traditional skills of Tang Zhu matte; Ming and Qing Dynasty were a large number of artisans to teach all hardware hardware tools production technology, set up hardware workshop. The last century at the end of 80s, engaged in hardware craft up to more than 40 thousand people, the emergence of a number of hardware master". Entered in twenty-first Century, Yongkang hardware continues to flourish, "Yongkang tin carving", "Yongkang copper art" and a number of Arts was identified as national, Zhejiang provincial intangible cultural heritage protection project. Yongkang mayor Jin Zheng said, for thousands of years, Yongkang not only gave birth to a glorious civilization hardware, also created the "crafted, excellence" artisan spirit, make rational foundation of Yongkang hardware industry prosperous and inner power to promote economic and social development. In 2016, the Yongkang municipal Party committee, municipal government sounded the "Remodeling of the artisan spirit, create brilliant Yongkang" horn, the quality of development and intelligent hardware products into one, continue to consolidate the base of the real economy, promote the Yongkang manufacturing to Yongkang, Yongkang, Yongkang made to create quality making the transition. Give full play to the ‘love of their own, concentrate on manufacturing, excellence, create good’ spirit of the leading role is to create a ‘Zhejiang manufacturing’ brand is the key." In the view of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang province Ji Shenglin, as a pilot area of the first "made in Zhejiang" brand development, Yongkang should focus on the "Yongkang quality", give full play to the role of the basic quality and technical support, will upgrade the quality, brand and standards to mention efficiency throughout the supply side structural reform has been advancing, "made in Zhejiang" towards the high-end, promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades. "To first-class quality to create first-class products, so that the spirit of craftsmen to become the soul of the development of Yongkang." Ji Shenglin said, to further increase the promotion efforts to promote the great craftsmen in the typical people and things, enlarge the craftsman wisdom and craftsmen相关的主题文章: