Inexpensive Food Safety And Traceability Solutions Using Process And Quality Control

Business Why Should You Attend: No one wants to be caught in a recall or worse, to have someone die because of their product. If you are one of those in the food supply chain that either thinks it can’t happen to you or that the federal government will excuse small farmers, think again. FDA will eventually implement control requirements for food safety similar to those they require for medical device and drug manufacturing. These requirements are focused on strong process and quality controls. Most of the costs, lack of understanding and frustrations involved with getting on with implementing solid and effective food safety and traceability solutions can be overcome through a basic understanding of how to identify and improve processes in a manner that will be cost effective, prepare your operation for new requirements and protect you and your business. Attend this webinar to understand the different process flow and quality control concepts you can implement to have a proper Food Safety system protecting your food supply business. Areas Covered in the Seminar: – Process and Quality Controls. – Flow System Concepts. – Zone Concepts. – Lean Concepts – Defects, Inventory, Processing, Processing, Waiting – Layout Considerations- Ceilings/Floors/HVAC. – Process Flow Charting. – Low Cost Linear Traceability Manual vs electronic. – Blending Logs. – Environmental Concerns. – Getting Over Excuses. Who Will Benefit: Personnel responsible for post harvest handling on farms, food processors, packers, food safety auditors and members of food safety compliance organizations. Members of the Institute of Food Technologists and American Society for Quality involved in food safety and quality assurance Instructor Profile: Dr. John Ryan, is the Administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture’s Quality Assurance Division and a co-chair of the newly formed FDA/CDC food protection information technology team. He has spent over 25 years implementing high technology quality control systems for international corporations and is currently implementing Hawaiis RFID traceability and State Food Safety Certification system. Dr. Ryan specializes in closed-loop quality control systems employing real-time traceability, sensor measurement devices and process controls. He has recently implemented the country’s first farm-distribution-retail RFID pilot system tracking produce through the food supply chain (Google "Hawaii Food Traceability" or visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章: