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Outdoors This is the approach to cancellation of Indian Railway ticket. Passengers can cancel a reserved ticket and get a refund through the reservation counter. You will be charged the cancellation fine which may vary from a little less than $ 0.26 to slightly over $ 1.00, depending on the class. This rate is applicable if you cancel your reservation at least a day in advance of your journey. It shall be exclusive of the actual day of travel. If you cancel between one day and 4 hours before train departure, 25% of ticket cost plus the above mentioned cancellation fee will be payable. Even after the train has departed you can cancel the reservation. But the amount you will have to forfeit will be much higher and sometimes it would be as high as 50% of the ticket cost. While you approach the railway office for cancellation of ticket, you will find the cancellation rates displayed at the reservation counters. It shows the refund per cent based on class, time of cancellation, distance, etc. Tickets reserved at one station can be cancelled at another station. If you have booked over the internet, or using a credit card, the refund will be credited directly to your card. Now it is even easier to cancel railway ticket via email. But refund money delivery and collection procedures are not clearly laid down. Hence it will be ideal to get it refunded directly over the counter. There is another easy approach to cancellation of Indian Railways ticket. Suppose you are not in a position to cancel in person, you can deposit the tickets at the nearest major India railway station and obtain a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR). This facility can be availed up to 30 days after the due date of travel. For this facility, you need to submit an application for the refund to the Chief .mercial Manager-Refunds of the respective railway zone (southern, south-central, eastern, etc) under whose jurisdiction you have deposited the ticket. Also, it is mandatory that you attach the passengers foil of TDR as well. You are allowed to do tender this application within 90 days of your scheduled journey. The format for this refund request will be available at the station where you have deposited the ticket. You can get the refund through Money Order, Crossed Cheque or Station Pay Order, which can be encashed at railway stations. Suppose you have to cancel your journey en route. Here also you can demand a refund for the remaining part of the journey. You have to get the endorsement from the TTE or Station Master and can ask for a refund as aforesaid. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: