India wants to rent the Russian Yasen class attack

India wants to rent the Russian Yasen class attack submarine data figure: "Russia Yasen class attack submarines original title: India delegation will visit Russia lease" Yasen class nuclear attack submarine [] defense according to HangYu reported in September 19, 2016 India to rent a Russian Ross "Yasen class attack nuclear type 885 the submarine, which was regarded as a signal again open the India and Russia cooperation, to jointly build 6 ships of the new attack submarine for the India Navy (SSN). India high-level delegation will visit Russia soon to complete the "Sen" class submarine rental agreement. There are government sources said that the second nuclear powered attack submarine lease will lead to the introduction of new technologies in India, Russia, and ultimately pave the way for Russia’s cooperation in the construction of 6 new nuclear attack submarine (SSN) project. Russia in the past has been Akula class submarine leased to India, namely the India Navy chakra. Experts believe that due to the two characteristics of different ship may bring some trouble, but in the long term, and "Yasen class to bring new technologies in India compared to these problems are not what. The National Maritime foundation executive director of the India Navy captain Khurana said, "is indeed a good idea to introduce the second ship Yasen class submarine. It is designed based on the Akula class submarines, but more advanced, more "on its 6 new nuclear attack submarine of the 75I project is expected to cost $8 billion 500 million, the 2016 defense procurement policy is to finalize the delay was halted, now the policy is ready, the bidding may be released at the end of this year. At the same time, the French shipbuilding company DCNS has been involved in "Scorpene class submarines data leakage incidents, but also makes the Indian Russian cooperation to carry out the project more likely. Captain Khurana said the India government decided to build six nuclear powered attack submarines at home. He said: "the only nuclear attack submarine can influence the sea area of India national maritime interests, the traditional water power and the integration of the air force has no effect. The government of India seems to be aware of its need and has approved the construction of 6 nuclear powered submarines". (China Ship Information Center Liang Yue Zhu Pengfei)相关的主题文章: