India Shopping In South India

Holidays A chance to serve your temporal and spiritual needs; a chance to shop for everything you needfrom the needle to the gizmoat dirt cheap rates at that. All the while enjoy some exciting sights and relax in peace. A dream? No longer. Great India Holidays have devised a 5-day Tirupathi tour of South India which would accrue to you all the above said benefits for no extra cost. The tour it tailored will take you principally to Chennai, Tirupati, Kanchipuram,- Mahabalipuram, and Pondicherry. It affords you a quick tour to the heart of south India and allows you to buy everything you need, be it a trinket, be it a priceless gem. The tour begins at Chennai with arrangements to see the Citys heritage and landmark spots Chennai Museum, Art Gallery, Valluvar Kottam, Gandhi Mandapam, Children’s Park, Kapaleshwar Temple, Marina Breach, and Anna Square etc. But the pride of place is reserved for the famous shopping avenue: T Nagarand Pondi bazaar that boast of making available all necessities, luxuries and more at very reasonable rates. Theres a saying that if you cant find a thing in Pondy, give up the search for you are unlikely to find it elsewhere. Pondy is especially famous as one-stop for all sorts of clothes in Chennai. But, better leave sari because you are on the way to Kanchipuram where the famous Kanchi silk saris are made. Temples, churches and famous Marina beach (that the tsunami visited) and quintessential south Indian food that you would indulge or precede your Chennai day would leave you in a glow. You get to see all the landmarks like Anna salai Marina beach Gandhi Memorial, KalaKshetra, Mylapore temple and kapaleshwaran temple Next is Kanchipuram, the ancient city of 1000 temples which still has 124 left. But more than temple the exquisite Kanchipuram sari is what catapulted this temple town on to the world map. The sari is so marvelous and available in such a wide range to accommodate every segment that people come to this town just to pick up a few pieces that would bring the smile of gratitude to your friends or near and dear ones. Your date with Pondicherry is next in line. This colony of Portuguese is most famous for the beauty of its shores and the Aurobindo ashram promotes the unique spiritual and physical wellbeing through the amazing synthesis of Yoga and modern science. Many ailments which are not amenable to medical science are being treated. A visit to Auroville – a unique experiment in international living and in creating a new environment where men and women of all nationalities live together in harmonyis next. This would prove a revelation to you for sure. Chidambaram, Trichy, Rameshwaram will infuse in you the spiritual wellbeing you sought out. All of them are known for the ancient temples and the architecture that makes us wonder at the craftsmanship of those artists. After the shoppings and temple visits you are ready for a little relaxation, arent you? Your trip to Trivandrum will take care of that. The beautiful nature-fortified beaches of kovalam and many other sites of the city of seven-hills will leave you in a calm spirits and whatever urge for you to get more sea breeze and natures wonder would be fulfilled at the next stopKanyakumarithe southern most top of this great continent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: