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In case details disclosed: suspects hunt birds poisoning after picking up the dead bird – Beijing – reporter Yan Aiyong newspaper correspondent Li Ting place: the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilinguole Meng incident reason: people in the hontoon Nur photographic process, found a lot of dead swan lake in October 19th, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Zhenglanqi estblishing Nur the emergence of a large number of waterfowl dead body. Water pollution, infectious diseases, human poisoning, the death of the swan in the network and the rapid fermentation of major social platforms, a rumor four times, by the community and the country’s major media attention. Xilinguole Meng Public Security Bureau Zhenglanqi investigation quickly began 9 days and 9 nights of the Hyde road. Swan Lake Swan discovered dead in October 19th, Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau received a report that someone in Zhenglanqi Zhagesi Taiwan and estblishing Nur Gacha hematoxylin thermography in the process of photography, found there are a lot of dead swan lake. Estblishing Nur for Swan Lake, is located in the territory of the blue flag Zhagesi Taiwan hematoxylin, because each year a large number of swan in this habitat named, in recent years a large number of tourists come to shoot. After receiving the report, Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau immediately organized the police rushed to the scene to carry out investigation and salvage work. As of October 25th, found a total of 259 waterfowl dead, the Little Swan dead 233, mallard dead 26, there were no injuries. Zhenglanqi County Public Security Bureau police investigation brigade personnel rushed to the scene after receiving the command, to assist Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau to carry out investigation work. In order to determine the specific components of migratory birds poisoning as soon as possible, and technical personnel to 50 meters as a unit, sampling to flood the surrounding water, soil, map Nur plants, Little Swan carcass, mallard dead body, stomach, blood, and to carry out on-site inspection. In October the grasslands of the night, the temperature field of nearly 20 degrees Celsius, cold every police coerced. In order to find the truth of the migratory birds as soon as possible, they have never had the slightest retreat. The the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau to find the murderer unraveling the center of forensic identification, inspection samples of migratory birds in vivo detection of pesticide poisoning, Budweiser confirmed dead birds, initially identified as human caused by administration. Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau quickly filing, and will be the case in a timely manner to the local party and government and the superior public security department report. The case caused by the State Forestry Administration, the regional party committee, the government attaches great importance, according to the unified deployment of the Xilinguole Meng Committee, set up a 10, the task force. The police task force one by one analysis verification clues, trying to find traces, however, a hard to find, again disappointed, but the police task force did not flinch, began to analysis of the heavy work again. The ad hoc group based on a full understanding of the local and surrounding terrain features and adjacent geographical location on the Su Village, to the incident for the center, visited the surrounding masses. Conduct special investigations, for the source of drug poisoning of swans at the same time, organize hotels, supermarkets, cold storage, food and beverage industry unified inventory operations in the entire league scope. By the analysis of the ad hoc group layers of screening, assessment, Zhenglanqi town residents on a map.相关的主题文章: