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"If love" that Fu Xinbo Ying Er opens the romantic about the Sina entertainment news on September 15th (Thursday) at 21:20, the first domestic large star love reality show "love" the third season is sweet, landing in Hubei tv. The first date place is located in the beautiful Sanya beach, blue sea, CP sense of the single guest star Fu Xinbo Ying Er [micro-blog] [micro-blog] sweet hand, six single men and women fashion romantic love, "love" the third quarter of the first phase of the program, so that the "romantic idol drama" real sweet hits! Ying Er Fu Xinbo CP broke the scandal disorder feeling overwhelmed in "love", Fu Xinbo and Ying Er for shooting the drama "the best arrangement" met become good friends, after Fu Xinbo Ying Er repeatedly photographed the same frame, two people love gossip quickly occupied the major entertainment headlines. The scandal after Ying Er denied: "Fu Xinbo is good, but just take him as a friend, two people continue to maintain a good friend, this let countless fans said two people together by pity". In the "love 3" in the first phase of the program, Fu Xinbo said to the program group shy, "want to fall in love with Ying Er"! The program group invitation to Ying Er, two people once again have the opportunity to hand frame "bold experience true love, fate is a trend which cannot be halted! Not only that, in the show Fu Xinbo strength to show up Sister Act in response to Ying Er’s law, "is not to do what you can to meet what". Fu Xinbo caring for Ying Er prepared a private custom sweet date: two people on the beach with sand to write happy laugh, experience the thrill of a motorboat together, hand in hand with roller skating, and elaborate romantic dinner on the ice. Facing the full force of the boyfriend Fu Xinbo, the girl will be feeling overwhelmed Ying Er warm adorable reaction? Two people are able to show such as group like, on the screen for the first time to do their own work in just ways to talk about a love? Two CP feeling overwhelmed and whether the real development in the program? "Love 3" the first phase to bring you beyond the imagination of romance and heart! Are men and women boldly chase love machine staged a real romantic "love" the third season by micro-blog to the national assembly of six different occupation, different personalities of men and women: excellent brand founder Shen Shan, fitness coach Zhong Junsheng, Curve Wrecker Mao Province, campus Belle Li Minglin, music production, network anchor small women fashion models, Takuma wing. The first phase of the program, six ordinary men and women in "love" the exclusive villa "love house", opened a romantic love journey. The first day of the "love house" is a sweet and wonderful mix powder flavor: Dinner exchange, postprandial performance to show themselves and each other gifts of affection, a romantic party villa, six male and female guests met everywhere filled with joy and feel relaxed. On the other hand, Shen Shan female guests and small women and is good to the body clock Junsheng interested and finds the other is rival, Shen Shan: "will take care of her." The province of Mao believes that although Shen Shan, cheerful character, but said he did not look forward to Shen Shan love method typical of eating a bowl of looking at the pot!相关的主题文章: