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Absolutely did not expect this year’s commodities rose even the most ferocious it is the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This year a lot of commodities fought a battle, but rose the most fierce, the most surprising is not in June this year to enter the technical bull market of crude oil, gold and silver and other precious metals, but not iron ore. The following chart shows that Citibank, as of this month, the price of iron ore this year rose about 50%, way ahead, more than and 10 percentage points higher than the Brent crude oil rose. Zinc and silver in the second and third positions rose slightly above the 40%. Like many other analysts, iron ore surge also allow analysts by surprise, they pointed out in a report this week, it is easy to find cheap iron ore and coal, who also didn’t expect this kind of commodity not only can bring the highest returns this quarter, this year also is so. After 8 and a half months, the overall rise in commodity prices will continue to rise, or reproduce weak? Citigroup believes that this depends on the global economic strength depends on the performance of emerging market economies. As the world’s largest consumer of commodities, China is still the pillar of the recovery of commodity prices, this year China’s extraordinary growth in imports alone propped up iron ore, hot coal and coking coal. However, Citigroup is expected to lead the trend of China’s imports of iron ore prices will not continue, because there are a number of leading indicators show that China’s economic growth will be weak in the second half of this year. On Friday, the Wall Street informative article mentioned in the iron ore industry fought more than 30 years of "veterans" — former vale global sales director Michael Zhu also said that the future iron ore prices will continue to rise, he is not optimistic. Zhu believes that as supply continues to expand, and China’s steel makers are struggling to maintain the current level of production, next year may be difficult commodity. Even if China’s iron and steel enterprises to maintain the current level of production, due to the Australian mining enterprises in increasing production, Vale’s new project S11D will also be put into operation next year, will also face challenges. Zhu expects the rest of the year, iron ore prices may be $50 -60 U.S. dollars tons. While the United States consulting and research firm Prestige Economics President Jason Schenker said on Monday, as commodity investment widely slowed, with China manufacturing growth, will make the iron ore price support. Schenker expects the next two years, iron ore prices will be $62 tons and $72 tons. For the commodity prices on Chinese Citi’s point of view, the world’s biggest miner (BHP Billiton) have different views. The company believes that even a major importer of Chinese economic slowdown in emerging economies in Southeast Asia and the A new force suddenly rises. push up commodity prices. BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mack theory相关的主题文章: