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Hyacinth warm medicine Complete Guide to 40 weeks of pregnancy (Fourteenth weeks) – Sohu maternal editor: hyacinth Faye reviewer: Dr. Li Ting (deputy director of the Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health-Care Hospital physician, medical expert group maternity doctors Wo, hyacinth and App – private doctors special gynecological experts) in fetal baby grow very small, covering the body the hair — hair. Head length about 85mm, began to swallow a little amniotic fluid. The kidneys begin to work, and the amniotic fluid is excreted as urine. Thyroid hormones begin to develop. Can "move", still breathing in and out of practice. Expectant mother’s change in the uterus, abdomen bulge, looks a little pregnant. High estrogen in vivo, vaginal secretion of the leucorrhea increased, which is a normal phenomenon. Occasionally itchy skin, the face may appear brown spots of pregnancy, but wait until the baby is born, it will gradually fade away. This week, the increase in vaginal secretions: high levels of estrogen during pregnancy, pelvic and vaginal congestion, increased vaginal discharge is a natural phenomenon. Normal secretion should be white, thin, no smell, if the secretion of more than the color and character abnormalities, doctors should be checked. At this time, attention should be paid to maintain the cleanliness of the vulva, underwear should be selected cotton fabrics, and adhere to the daily cleaning, to avoid the use of strong irritating soap. To maintain the correct posture posture change after: mother’s belly began to become more uplift, to move the focus of various parts of the body force direction change. At this point, the mother should be allowed to maintain the correct sitting, standing, walking posture, to avoid all kinds of accidents. Certificate of iodine intake: hyacinth – women’s and children’s private doctors to remind you that if the maternal intake of iodine deficiency, neonatal hypothyroidism after birth, can affect the central nervous system, especially the development of the brain. Fish, shellfish and seaweed are the most abundant sources of iodine. Stretchmark prevention: the skin characteristics of the production of stretch marks and everyone, but to control weight, avoid subcutaneous tissue due to excessive weight gain caused by excessive distraction, will also reduce stretch marks may be generated. Inspection: if you need to 15 to 18 weeks of prenatal diagnosis – amniocentesis, ready to do related. If you are a delivery of more than 35 years old pregnant women, pregnant women with chromosomal diseases or repeated spontaneous abortion or stillbirth. During the period of 15-18 weeks of pregnancy, you may have to make a prenatal diagnosis in accordance with the doctor’s advice, to determine whether the fetus is suffering from congenital or hereditary diseases by specific examination of the fetus. Hyacinth – children private doctor APP, maternity medical 7*24 hours online consultation, to your private doctor questions whenever and wherever possible. Hyacinth for you and your family’s health escort!相关的主题文章: