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Hundreds of meters and chase driver vindictive fights party driving hit each other – Beijing, "I went off to the police sketch, hear the roar of the engine behind a back, the moment is not perceived." 29 PM, Wang lying on the bed, the author recalled his injury after. 29 at noon, Wang sister Wang said rebellion, her brother drove in the Sun Wendong Road, a car suddenly Kyrgyzstan dispute because of dissatisfaction with the overtaking occurred, two people in the street car chase hundreds of meters, and get off a brawl. In the process of waiting for the traffic police to deal with, Wang Ji was a car hit, suffered multiple fractures. 30 days 16:58, Eastern Branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog issued the news that August 28th at noon, Kyrgyzstan (male, 34 years old, Sichuan people) driving away from Eastern Sun Wendong district near the road, and Wang (male, 29 years old, Zhongshan people) because of traffic issues in dispute. Kat deliberately drove to Wang, causing Wang injured, damaged vehicles. Kyrgyzstan suspicion of affray crime by the Bureau of criminal detention. The POLO driver Wang "he hit me with a crowbar, rushing 29 day at 5:30 in the afternoon, came to Wang an inpatient hospital of traditional Chinese medicine I know. Wang who has multiple injuries, left leg, right hand and chin wrapped gauze. Wang and his girlfriend Wang said, 28 noon at about 12, two people driving a red POLO after Sun Wen Dong Lu Qi Road, speed of about 40 kilometers per hour. "There are only two lanes on the road, one of which has a stop line, which is full of cars. I am on the outside lane, found after the rural commercial bank nearby, behind a black car Chery Fengyun 2 is from my right rear speed approaching. While right in front of me there are two electric cars, the car behind no whistle, no avoidance deceleration means, I can only hit the left wheel deceleration and emergency escape." Wang Mou said. "Beyond my car, but also a Jicha, fortunately I stopped in time. Within a short time the other two recklessly put me in danger, it instantly ignited my anger." Later, Wang Lu whistle chased each other hundreds of meters. "Catch the DMV nearby, he again stopped all of a sudden, I avoid from the right stop in his right front. I get off to find the other theory, also found that he was out of the car, hand holding a half meter long, the thumb thick iron bar." Wang recalled, I have not spoken, he had rushed over to take a stick to hit me." In the conflict, Wang took a guitar hand iron, Kyrgyzstan and ran to a nearby store and pick up a curtain around two meters long bar, after two people have been deadlocked. In this process, Wang constantly discouraged, and call 110 to the police for help. "Wait for a few minutes, I saw a patrol car approaching, they drove the car away from the middle of the road, parked on the roadside. I go on the bus near the station and waved to the police, suddenly heard the roar of the engine is a behind the back view of the process, I feel the whole people fly, and lost consciousness." Wang Mou said. "The other side is sure Jie相关的主题文章: