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Software While working on the system, users encounter issues when new hardware or software is installed. Every new addition or modification made on the system could impact its performance. Although there are plenty of diagnostic tools that could offer assistance in troubleshooting boot up issues, it is essential to troubleshoot logically and step wise to ensure that the issue has been taken care of comprehensively. There are instances when the system will prompt for the error message where as there are situations when the system does not come up with an error message. Accessibility of error message and pc support eases the whole process of troubleshooting phenomenally. In the following set of steps we will look into the process of troubleshooting computer boot up issues. Boot the system in safe mode In most of the cases, the system will turn up with an error message. After you have made a note of the error message, it is time to boot the system in the safe mode and confirm whether the issue persists with basic devices and drivers or not. To start off, click on start, run and type in the command, msconfig. Click on the BOOT.INI tab, check the box which says /SAFEBOOT. Afterwards click on minimal to reboot the system in safe mode, select on safe mode with networking and successively select DSREPAIR to make sure the system boots in directory service. Uninstall recently loaded programs It has been observed that after a new program or software is installed on the computer, the stability of the computer is impacted. In such a case, undo the recent programs loaded on the system. To perform that click on start, control panel, add and remove programs. The window will come up with all the programs loaded on the system. Select the recently installed program and remove it. Troubleshoot device drivers Device drivers are the brain of devices and thus it is essential to troubleshoot the device drivers to confirm devices are not playing a fowl game. To start off, click on start, control panel, system & security, system, device manager, click on the system option from the menu and right click on it and select properties. There will be a troubleshoot menu, select the flow that goes right with your symptoms and follow on the steps. If you feel under confident on following the steps, you could have the computer repairs and maintenance service provider to help you carry out the steps. Perform a system restore Even after following the above set of steps, you were unable to hit on a resolution then it is time that you will have to perform a system restore. To start off with system restore, you must have the idea of when the system was working with its complete pace and excellence ensuring a speedy boot up. To begin with click on start, control panel, performance and maintenance and system restore. After you have an access to the system restore window. Select the option which says restore my system to an earlier date, choose on a date that you presume the system performed brilliantly and click on Ok. The system will reboot. For more information related to computer repairs and mobile phone repair do contact .fixa….au/. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: