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How do economists view AI: are they just tools to cut costs? AI in the end is the human assistant or agent? Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 30th news, according to foreign media reports, in order to truly understand the impact of the rise of artificial intelligence in the modern world, we can not only focus on the technology to help Google recognition how many pictures of the adorable cat. Agrawal, a professor at University of Toronto, says people should consider how advanced AI technology will shape the global economy. The idea was put forward by Professor Agrawal at the workshop on machine learning and intelligent markets this week. At the meeting, Professor Agrawal will now be vigorous development of AI and the rise of the Internet in 1995 together. In the future, if AI can be like the Internet to get the attention of mainstream society, it will not be regarded as the new technology as it is now, but it will become the same as the emerging Internet economy. However, there is a group of people do not agree that the Internet is emerging economy, they are economists. Economists believe that the Internet has not brought new economic forms to the human society, they only shorten the distance between buyers and sellers through the network, the traditional store moved to the internet. Professor Agrawal said: "economists believe that technology is only helping some products lower prices." The justification for this view, the emergence of the calculator and computer do reduce people finish computing cost, and had to fix these jobs may require a lot of staff working hours. The same applies to digital cameras. With the continuous development of auto focus and other functions, ordinary people now do not need professional training can operate the camera. At the same time, as the camera prices continue to decline, the threshold of photography is not so high, everyone can become a photographer. If this theory is put on machine learning, then its rise will lead to a decline in the cost of prediction, but this change will bring a chain reaction, resulting in certain products appreciation. For example, previously, if the doctor to determine the specific circumstances of a patient’s leg pain, may be the basic plus X ray. Through advanced data analysis techniques, the process becomes simpler and more accurate. Therefore, we can say that the future of machine intelligence will become human decision alternatives, "and with a large number of ordinary decision to artificial intelligence in human decision making has become" valuable advice ", the value will continue to rise. However, this is to reduce costs for the purpose of the future is what we want? Human will decision right away? We do need to be careful about the role of AI in the future, whether it is for them to be the sole agent or to be a human being. (compile Lv Jiahui)相关的主题文章: