Hoop wear it to lift back earrings remonstrate

A Hoop Earrings wear it to lift lead: earrings, as the name implies, design a "ring" shape is the most standard version. This kind of circular design earrings, called Hoop earrings. (reprinted from ELLE Chinese network) in T in 2016, we saw the model began to return again in 80s popular retro, a move back to the show, which of course includes Hoop earrings. Hoop Earrrings also called circle earrings or ring hoop earrings, earrings, jewelry, it is one of the oldest, originated in the Sumerian culture. Rag & Bone2016 spring and summer series of shows, re interpretation of hoop earrings. The individuality of the music festival, are often able to see the influx of people will Hoop earrings on the streets, all kinds of accessories, retro collocation hairstyles, makeup, complete the whole music festival Qiangjing modeling. HOOP type: OVERSIZE earrings earrings for the crowd: modified face demand girl Hoop earrings are a part of the reason is that people find it can be said that it is a weapon of facial modification. Mandibular sharp, square face girl wearing big earrings can make the line more rounded, not too angular, supermodel AA Rosie, is a very good example. Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Rosie Huntington-Whiteley such as the United States face some girl I miss, do not want people to focus on her baby fat, then a pair of earrings hoop can well cleverly divert people, and will face off the smaller. The United States miss Selena Gomez like Riri, Lopez days Jennifer and two mature, so the atmosphere of continuous neutral wild looks, Hoop earrings as you dress collocation that temperament is more prominent, can let you more feminine foot, you can also make more cool neutral style. Jennifer Lopez Rihanna HOOP Earrings type two: exquisite small ring for the crowd: decoration needs to highlight the personality unruly girl small earrings relatively modified face effect is not so obvious, it is more suitable for some little girl. Model Lily-Rose Depp, however, like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, Depp’s daughter Rose this personality girl, wearing a small hoop have a rebellious, rock fan. Chiarra Ferragni HOOP Earrings type three: special patterns and shapes for the crowd: the red carpet, street beat poser people of course, although the classic Hoop earrings has been very all-match, but brain hole wide open designers or on the basis of playing out the flowers. 1. Slub Design Earrings Rosie-Huntington 3相关的主题文章: